Guiding during and beyond the Covid-19 pandemic

Public Virtual Tours

We offer two types of virtual tour. Some are provided by our Blue or Green Badge Tourist Guides (BBTG) working from home. Others are broadcast live from the streets of London, Birmingham or elsewhere, enjoyed by audiences in all four corners of the globe.

The list below is updated weekly with talks, virtual walks/tours being offered by our members and are open to the public on a pay per person/per view basis. Please click on the more info link to book your place directly with the guide using their booking platform.

Current Virtual Tours

A Brief History of London

Sunday 19th Dec, Wednesday 5th Jan, and Sunday 16th Jan at 13:30pm
BBTG Jenny Draper
A bite-sized history of London, from the earliest humans in the Thames Valley to the 2012 Olympic Games!
Price £20.00pp

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Virtual Tour of Edinburgh

BBTG Richard Thomson
Daily virtual tour of Edinburgh, Scotland.

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Legendary Ghosts of Old London

Sunday 12th December, 4pm
BBTG Vicky Bailey
Through ruined churchyards, dark alleys and haunted priories, hear about the ghosts of old London from murderous royals to spirits in pubs.
Price £11.37

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Covent Garden

Wednesday 5th January, 18:30pm
BBTG Jenny Draper
I'll show you things around Covent Garden that even seasoned Londoners miss. After this you'll be a seasoned Londoner!
Price £20.00pp

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