Virtual Tours

Our professional Blue and Green Badge Tourist Guides offer virtual tours for explorers who aren’t able to travel or tour.

Using digital technology, our professionally trained and accredited guides are able to bring to life the wonders of the Yorkshire Dales or the drama of the Welsh Valleys. Or, instead, you could head off the beaten-track to the lesser-known London boroughs. Using virtual platforms like Zoom, we can offer a range of tours to suit all audiences. Whether you’re interested in the lives of great leaders – like Boudicca or Winston Churchill or writers like Oscar Wilde or Jane Austen – we have the virtual tour for you.

Perhaps your tastes are a little more contemporary? How about a virtual tour of the Beatles’ Liverpool or London – or a journey through the world of hit TV series like Peaky Blinders, The Crown or Downton Abbey.  Perhaps certain young wizards are your thing or maybe London’s ghouls and ghosts ? We’ve got that covered too. How about a dip into the lives of the women writers of Nottingham … or the 19th century jewellery workers of Birmingham? The history of fashion is a perennial favourite; join us for a virtual stroll along London’s Savile Row, to explore sartorial traditions going back centuries.

We offer two types of virtual tour. Some are provided by our guides working from home. Others are broadcast live from the streets of London, Birmingham or elsewhere, enjoyed by audiences in all four corners of the globe. 

Our guides are happy to create bespoke virtual tours for you, just let us know what you are looking for and we are sure we have a guide that can help.

Please contact us today to discuss your virtual tour.