Stonehenge Tour

Take a journey to the Stone Age with a private Blue Badge guide. This unique monument was first constructed by human hand more than 5,000 years ago. It is a gateway to ancient Britain, through which you will glimpse the secrets and stories of Neolithic life.

The mysteries are many: why did our ancestors build the henge? How did ancient people move 40 ton stones over many miles before the development of wheels? How did they erect them upright in well-engineered stone circles? Are human remains buried there and in the barrows that pepper the surrounding landscape? Are there magic energy lines under the earth? Why do thousands of people come here at summer solstice? All these questions and more will be explored when you visit this site with your expert private Stonehenge guide.

Can be combined with Bath, Salisbury or Avebury.

Admission tickets are needed for Stonehenge.

stonehenge sunrise Stonehenge

If you require a guide with a private car to conduct your tour please tick above. This will send your request to one of our driver guides who are UK licensed, registered and insured.

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