Natural History Museum Tour

Where else in London can you walk amongst dinosaurs, discover pre-solar diamonds, a 4,568 million year old meteorite or climb in through the centre of the Earth? Unveil nature’s wonders with a private guided tour of the Natural History Museum in the expert company of a London Blue Badge Tourist Guide.


The Natural History Museum in London boasts a treasure trove of fascinating specimens, spanning billions of years of Earth’s history; your London Blue Badge Tourist Guide will help you explore this ‘Cathedral to Nature’ including many of the highlights and areas which hold a personal interest to you and your family.

Before your enter this cathedral to nature, your specialist guide will reveal the history of the Natural History Museum’s magnificent building.

At the Entrance Hall be awestruck by Hope, the magnificent blue whale skeleton suspended from the ceiling, a breathtaking reminder of the ecological vastness of the animal kingdom.

Explore the iconic Hintze Hall, a vast space teeming with dinosaur skeletons. Marvel at the Diplodocus, a long-necked giant, and the imposing Tyrannosaurus Rex. Learn about these prehistoric creatures and imagine their world.

At the Darwin Centre you can delve into the world of evolution. Explore interactive exhibits that showcase Charles Darwin’s groundbreaking theories and the process of natural selection.

Be dazzled at the Minerals Gallery. See a breathtaking array of crystals, gemstones, and minerals from around the world. Admire the beauty of amethysts, the sparkle of diamonds, and the unique formations of meteorites.

Depending on your personal interests, you can explore other fascinating exhibits. Learn about animal mummies in the ancient Egypt section, marvel at the diversity of birds in the bird gallery, or delve into the world of insects or bio-diversity.

With 80m objects, this museum does not only house the world’s most important natural history collection, the very fabric of the building itself is teeming with life in every nook and cranny. Your London Blue Badge Tourist Guide can help you to navigate this fascinating collection providing you with a private tour with added flexibility – you can stop to linger at a particular spot, you can ask as many questions as you like, share your thoughts and observations. You’ll be informed and entertained and have the undivided attention of your guide throughout. This tour is recommended for both adult and young explorers!



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