London Queer Tour

Delve into London’s rich LGBTQ+ history, a vibrant story woven through years of resistance, creativity, and resilience. With a London Blue Badge Tourist Guide by your side you’ll explore some of the iconic neighbourhoods, historic landmarks, and happening hotspots that have all played a part in shaping the Capital’s unique queer identity.

This tour offers a glimpse into London’s rich LGBTQ+ history,  an unforgettable journey through time and identity with your very own London Blue Badge Tourist Guide. Highlights of this tour include:

The British Museum: Explore artifacts that trace the stories of homosexuality and identity across the centuries – from Greek and Roman artifacts (Sappho, Ganymede & the Warren Cup) to a Mayan ruler, the Dakota Sioux, African gender and gendered roles and the story of the Ladies of Llangollen.

Bloomsbury: Take a stroll through Bloomsbury.  Virginia Woolf  and her husband Leonard Woolf lived here, both were instrumental figures in the Bloomsbury Group, a circle of intellectuals and writers who rebelled against societal norms in sexuality and gender.

Kings Cross:  Visit Queer Britain, the UK’s first museum of queer culture, that boasts a fascinating archive celebrating the stories and artwork of LGBTQIA+ people and preserving queer personal histories. Drop into the British Library where you’ll explore LGBTQIA+ manuscripts, posters and objects including the rare diary of Leendert Hasenbosch, a Dutch East India Company soldier, who was marooned on Ascension Island as punishment for sodomy in 1725.

Soho: Head into Soho, the beating heart of gay London. Stop off for tea and delicious pastries at the U.K.’s oldest pastry and tea shop frequented by Virginia Woolf and her literary crowd. As you fuel up, your London Blue Badge Tourist Guide will  share tidbits about the neighbourhood’s transformation into a haven for LGBTQ+ life in the mid-20th century. With more gay bars per square mile than any other area, it’s no surprise that when you think of queer London, you think of Soho. Soak up the fab atmosphere and discover the stories of London’s gay community through the years.

The West End: Pop into Trafalgar Square where in 1972 the first Gay Pride protest started. Walk along Whitehall and learn about the politics that have shaped queer lives in the UK. Take a stroll in London’s theatreland and explore the intriguing story of Charlotte Charke, a 18th-century actress and playwright who challenged gender norms both on and off the stage.

Depending on your time availability and your personal interests your tour can include stopping by the iconic Gay’s the Word bookshop, grabbing a drink and a show at the Royal Vauxhall Tavern or visit London’s LGBTQ+ Community Centre or Clerkenwell Green, a historic square once known for its clandestine “molly houses”.

As with all Blue Badge Tourist Guide private tours, you can tailor your tour to your specific interests. You also have added flexibility – you can stop to linger at a particular spot, you can ask as many questions as you like, share your thoughts and observations. You’ll be informed and entertained and have the undivided attention of your guide throughout.


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