Cambridge Walking Tour

Join your expert, qualified guide for a private tour around this great university city.

Learn about the Cambridge scientists who changed the world, including Sir Isaac Newton and Charles Darwin. This is a city where more than 90 Nobel Prize winners have lived and worked in college and university research facilities.

Follow in the footsteps of poets, from Marlowe, Byron and Wordsworth to Sylvia Plath. Find out how contemporary actors such as Hugh Laurie and Eddie Redmayne spent their student years.
Visit the 31 colleges that make up the university today, boasting some of the most stunning architecture in England, from King’s – with its world famous chapel – to Queens’, St John’s and Pembroke where you’ll see Sir Christopher Wren’s first public building. Admire the iconic view from the riverside “backs” where punts (flat-bottomed boats) are propelled deftly using long poles under historic bridges.

Have a drink in the pub where the discovery of the double helix (the structure of DNA) was announced. See the laboratory where the atom was split. Visit the university square that inspired the film Chariots of Fire.

Your private guide will give a personal walking tour of Cambridge and in just a few hours of your time you will discover what Cambridge has given the world.

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