Avebury Tour

The stone circle and surrounding prehistoric landscape at Avebury has been described as Stonhenge’s big brother.

If it were a question of size, Avebury beats Stonehenge as the largest, most impressive and complex prehistoric site in Britain. Let a Blue Badge guide show you the mysteries and magic of this megalithic monument.

Built nearly 5000 years ago, Avebury’s epic stones stretch across a site of several acres – including part of the medieval village that sits inside the monument. Stones were broken or buried in medieval and later times, one even crushing its would-be destroyer as it fell to the ground. Modern Avebury owes much to the marmalade heir and archaeologist Alexander Keiller, who excavated and re-erected many stones during the 1930s. His collection is displayed in the town museum.

Avebury is part of a mysterious complex of Neolithic and Bronze Age monuments that includes West Kennet Long Barrow – an ancient burial monument – and the enormous earthworks at Silbury Hill. This extraordinary assemblage of sites formed a great sacred landscape whose purpose is still being explored by leading archaeologists. Avebury and its surroundings have achieved international recognition as a World Heritage Site. Avebury can be combined with a visit to Stonehenge.


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