Special Interest Tours

Fancy a completely different experience? Below are examples of tours that a Blue or Green Badge Guide can take you and/or your group on.

Rock ‘n Roll

Tour the sites that made the ‘Sixties Swinging’ and see the pubs, clubs and boutiques that made a decade and inspired hundreds of popular lyrics. See the most famous recording studio in the world – Abbey Road – and walk across that famous crossing! Pass the homes of David Bowie, Jimmy Page and Van Morrison and see where Jimi Hendrix died and hear many of their legendary rock tales.

Street Art

Do you know your Roa from your Malarkay, your Banksy from your Jimmy C or have you no idea what this all means? Either way let me take you on a graffiti walk in East London to discover what links Barack Obama with David Cameron, Charles Dickens with John Lennon and Batman with Crunchy the Credit Crunch Monster!

We’ll duck down alleys, peek into yards and generally explore the nooks and crannies of the artistic underworld. Just because it’s on the side of a warehouse rather than inside a gallery – isn’t it still worth consideration? Discover the sheer artistry in street art. Street art changes on a daily basis – that’s the thrill of it, so you never quite know where we’ll end up!

Fashion and Shopping

Walk the stylish, living catwalk that is London in the company of your Blue or Green Badge Guide. See the West End, East End, vintage, bespoke, designer and royal fashion plates of London. Explore the 1million square feet of sheer luxury in Harrods; discover the world’s favourite department store – Selfridges; or swoon at the unique design of Liberty.