the jam

News: London Jam Sessions in the City

London’s Somerset House is staging the first major exhibition dedicated to one of the UK’s most important bands, The Jam. Their music captured life for Britain’s youth during the late 1970s and early 1980s and the show follows the trio’s journey from their Woking schooldays to 14 million global album sales.


The three members of the band have opened up their archives for the exhibition, with The Jam frontman Paul Weller’s sister curating the images. The collection includes hand-written lyrics, original stage outfits, personal photographs and footage, unreleased music videos, early scrapbooks, posters and the band’s instruments. The show is billed as ‘a unique and personal insight into the band’s trailblazing life and the retrospective legacy The Jam left on music, style, politics and culture’.

The Jam: About the Young Idea is at East Wing Galleries, Somerset House from June 26-August 31.