About the guild: How it works

The Guild is the national professional association for Blue and Green Badge Tourist Guides working throughout the British Isles, including the Isle of Man and Jersey.

With around 800 full members and a network of regional and local associations with nearly 1,000 members holding group membership, the Guild represents around 1,800 guides. Its members offer guiding in 34 different languages. They are listed in the Guide Search facility.

Since its foundation in 1950, the Guild has been dedicated to raising and maintaining the highest professional standards of its membership. The Blue and Green Badge is recognised internationally as the qualification of excellence in site and heritage interpretation, and in communication skills. It is awarded only following extensive training and vigorous examination.

The Guild is run by an Executive Council, elected by the membership, and salaried office staff, and provides support and advice to its members on both policy and all issues covering guide services, sites, coach operators and health & safety.

The members are kept up-to-date with weekly e-bulletins and regular newsletters packed with informative articles and updates on guiding-related issues; monthly diaries listing major events, opening times and admission prices; access to an extensive Continuing Professional Development programme.

Guild members are covered under public liability insurance, which provides annual cover up to £5million. A copy of the policy is kept at Guild House and the office staff can assist with any enquiries you have as to extent of cover, which includes cover whilst on tour anywhere in the world.

As a highly respected organisation within the tourism industry the Guild is without political bias. It acts as a pressure group and consultative body on all matters concerning guiding.

The Guild is a member of European Federation of Tourist Guide Associations (FEG) and the World Federation of Tourist Guide Associations (WFTGA).

FEG’s new YouTube channel can be found here