In Business

Our In Business services provide corporates with a unique staff, stakeholder and client incentive and loyalty service – bespoke and peerless guided tours at any location in London and across the UK delivered by professionally qualified  Blue & Green Badge Guides who are internationally recognised as the gold standard in guided tours in the UK.

These peerless guided tours are particularly suitable for meeting the following business objectives:

Unique Corporate gifts

Part art, part science, bespoke corporate gifting for your customers or colleagues is unbeatable and has the power to positively impact your business. A bespoke and professional guided tour is a stand-out and unique corporate gift and is suitable for solo business travellers or corporate groups. It can include location-specific tours of iconic landmarks, the contemporary and the unexpected. Our guides carry out themed tours in various business sectors including the financial, medical and legal sectors and many of our guides have themed specialities – from literature to the Beatles, from film locations to art … our guides can design a tour that is just right for you, your stakeholders, clients and staff. Our guides offer walking tours, driver guided tours, coach, boat, helicopter tours…

Corporate relocations/away-days

The best corporate incentives are those that build emotional connection. If your business has newly relocated (or you are holding an away day) in any part of the UK, a guided tour with a Blue or Green Badge guide can add value to your business through this distinctive staff incentive making staff feel special, empowered and appreciated. Staff can be given the opportunity to learn more about their new office location, the history, the hidden local gems, the best eateries & pubs, the best local parks… These tours offer much more than momentary delight, they make a long-term impact on employees connection to their local area of work and build a unique shared experience amongst staff.

Business Travel

Business traveller expectations have shifted post-covid. Business travel is considered an essential in achieving business goals and business travellers are increasingly looking for unique leisure experiences as part of the business travel package. A bepoke guided tour with our professionally qualified guides, offers the right balance of leisure, new discovery and unique experiences.

Staff wellbeing & onboarding

A healthy workforce is a happy workforce. And a little investment goes a long way when it comes to engaging, motivating and retaining employees. Our personalised guided tours offer a unique opportunity to show commitment to improving staff lives at work, at home, and the moments in-between. Many corporates build walking guided tours into their staff on-boarding and wellbeing programmes offering local area induction for new staff, screen-time relief, mental and physical well-being, a shared and gold standard human experience for staff that speaks to their particular passions and interests.

Our bespoke corporate guide service is underscored by the following:

  • A quick and professional response to your enquiry
  • We offer flexibility and commitment. If you need something a little bit different, we can help you find the right guide for your requirements
  • Personal Service Our Office Team is situated at London Bridge and available year-round and in person, Mon-Fri between 9am-5pm
  • National service Corporate tours are available throughout the year across every part of the UK
  • Advice We can discusss your specific business goals and give you advice about the best tour experiences for your business

The possibilities are endless … please contact us to discuss your requirements.