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I'm very fortunate to have lived all my life in London, this city where ancient and modern jostle together in such a unique way, a great capital of unmatched variety and diversity.

For years I've explored its hidden (and sometimes secret) corners, its architecture, its classic and historic pubs, and it would be my pleasure to help you to discover them too. In my previous working life I dealt in Art Deco collectibles and co-set up London’s first gallery exhibiting the wonderful world of vintage film posters.

I love to reveal the grand sites of Westminster Abbey, St Paul's Cathedral, the Tower of London, Windsor Castle, Kensington Palace and Hampton Court, rich in stories and visual splendour.

Close to Westminster and Royal London, there’s aristocratic St James and Mayfair, the haunt of dandies, spies, the home of fine tailoring, the heart of London’s art world, with many US and World War II connections.

Explore the 'nooks and crannies' of the City of London - the original Roman City (traces of which still remain to discover today on a dedicated walk, sometimes below street level). A unique mix of ancient and modern, the scene of the unimaginable conflagration of the Great Fire of London, it has a rich heritage of historic churches. Just beyond lie the off-the-beaten track streets of Smithfield and Clerkenwell, along with the atmospheric, piratical old riverside districts of Wapping and Rotherhithe.

A visit to the amazingly preserved underground Churchill War Rooms gives an unparalleled, atmospheric insight into the tenacity of London in its darkest hour, and the leadership of Winston Churchill and his staff in the epic struggles of the Second World War and the Blitz.

The National Gallery and British Museum’s collections rival any in the world and I can show you their dazzling highlights (including some of the less well known).

Outside of London, a stroll around Oxford's 'dreaming spires' (a 'must' destination for Tolkien and C.S. Lewis enthusiasts) is to be transported into another world, in this ancient but vibrant university town.

It would be my pleasure to share these special places with you.


Just a quick note to say how much we enjoyed our afternoon with Tim! The man is a walking encyclopaedia of information (and I ask a lot of questions)!! He answered everything but more than that, he gave an unhurried and easy to understand commentary throughout the day which totally enhanced our site-seeing experience. Above and beyond!

Donna W, Canada

You were so much fun to be with and the time seemed to just fly by. I only hope our paths will cross again. We couldn’t not stop talking about how great you were to be with and how we enjoyed every detail you shared with us about the colorful history of your country.

Andrea S, USA

The students and I really enjoyed it! Students were so impressed and talking about it over dinner. Thanks again!

Lauren H, USA

Thank you for such a lovely day today. Spectacularly delivered in indomitable style. Very entertaining, and full of fun facts - loved the armour and jousting stories.

Alice N, UK

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