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Whether it's your first visit to London, or you love it so much that you're back for more, my aim is always to give you your best experience. I know your time is precious, so together, we'll make the most of it!

If you're new to London, we can hit all the famous landmarks and you'll hear about their history and significance and enjoy the sheer visual spectacle. If you've done all that, what about the delving into one of the great museums and art galleries? Or visiting cobbled streets and ancient marketplaces? Or wandering along the banks of the River Thames taking in the stories of trade and exploration, theatre and intrigue?

Whether you're an individual, a family or a group leader, I'm happy to tailor a tour to suit your interests and passions. As a mother of three and ex-teacher, I'm experienced with kids and young people and will keep them interested, pacing the day to suit the group.

And if you fancy a day or two outside London to break things up, we can head off to beautiful Bath, the Cotswolds, Stonehenge or Stratford on Avon. And closer to London, how about a day visiting both Windsor Castle and the Hampton Court Palace?

Do get in touch, and together, we'll have an adventure!

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