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As I was born and raised inside the M25 I suppose you can say I am a Londoner though I think of myself more as being from Middlesex. However what is not in doubt is my continued enjoyment and fascination with our truly wonderful capital city. London still manages to surprise and delight me after over 40 years and I would enjoy showing you all aspects of the city to enable you to experience this too.

After being one of the first 24 people in the country to graduate with a degree in Travel and Tourism in 1990 I put this to great use by spending 18 years working for a CD and DVD distributor! Enforced redundancy meant I had to change career and work in education administration. But throughout my working career I never lost my fascination for learning and sharing knowledge and my education and work experiences have all helped me to hone this into a memorable guiding experience I would be delighted to share with you.

Like all my guiding colleagues I have extensive knowledge of the major sites - Westminster Abbey, The Tower of London, St. Paul's Cathedral and the British Museum and it would be my privilege to show you around these sites.

My specialisms and interests really lie in London's transport though, it's construction and uses. I have a fascination and in depth knowledge of all of London's 33 bridges (even the really ugly ones!) and also have studied the history and development of the London Underground (the worlds oldest first opened in 1863). The 'forgotten' engineering often gets overlooked and taken for granted by Londoners and visitors alike and I would be happy to explain it to you in detail.

I also undertake military themed tours - both WW1 and WW2 and have regularly guided at key associated locations - The Imperial War Museum, Churchill War Rooms and HMS Belfast.

Another key interest is music and I am able to offer Beatles and more general rock'n'roll walks.

Personal Interests:

The River Thames & London's Bridges
Transport in London, Sport - cricket
City Churches, Tower of London,
Walking tours, engineering
crime and punishment,
Contemperory architecture
Ghosts and Ghouls

Special Interests:

Walking Tours

City of London, walks along the river Thames.


Londons disused Underground stations, the architecture of the Underground

Industrial Heritage

Bridges and Tunnels - 33 bridges and 20 tunnels cross over/under the Thames in Greater London and they are a feature of particular interest to me.

London Areas in Depth

Greenwich, The City of London, Metroland and the London suburbs.

Sports & Pastimes
Churches & Cathedrals

London has many, not just the obvious ones and they all have a story to tell.


Wildlife of the river, "dragon spotting" in the City of London - there are so many of the cities symbol if you know where to look

Castles & Palaces

The Tower of London is a must see while you are here and I would enjoy guiding you round this wonderful building and bringing its 1000 year history to life.


Windsor & Eton, 2012 Venues

Driver Guide: