Shivani Vahalia-Pareek

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Hindi, Gujarati, English

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+44 (0) 7771493769

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I came as a newly wedded bride 5 years ago. In that year, 2008, I fell in love twice. First, with the flat we rented in Harrow, a green suburb and second, with London itself. The most fascinating parts of London, for me, are its architecture & history and a beautiful interplay of both. Simply put, I love this city and I want to flaunt it.

I want my tourists to experience London the way I did … through some of the finest guides. They bring to life the notorious, the infamous, the likeable, the pious, the bloodthirsty and all sorts of colourful personalities from past and present. They take you on small, friendly streets and sometimes, small, snobbish ones. They take you to a different era. They show you the unexpected, point the obvious, and yet make you gasp in amazement. They know about the best deals and are eager that you do not get a raw deal. Food, shopping and experiences - they will recommend only the best. They are smart, funny, knowledgeable and reliable. They are the Blue Badge Guides and I am thrilled to be a part of this reputed brigade. I promise if you come on my tour, I will not crack a joke that I can’t laugh on and won’t show you anything that I do not enjoy. You’ll go back a relaxed, entertained and informed tourist. And if anybody in your country asked you, ‘Did you do that or go there?’ Confidently, you’ll be able to say, ‘Of course, I have!’

Personal Interests:

Bollywood London
Tower of London (the home of Kohinoor diamond)
Churches - St Pauls (Ganga, Goddess Laxmi, tomb of man who fought against Tipu Sultan) Westminster Abbey (Nehru at Queen’s wedding)
Bloomsbury walk (Gandhiji, Raja Ram Mohan Roy), City of London walk and Royal London walk (Queen, George V, Gandhiji)
Coach Tour - London Panaromic, Royal Tour
Join any tour of mine, coach or walk, and if you wish I can add a dose of Bollywood and tell you about famous Indians who studied and worked here

Special Interests:


Bollywood London
Where did Shahrukh – Katrina Kaif breathe in the songs Saans? Where did Amrish Puri feed the pigeons? Where did Hrithik Roshan take Rani Mukherjee sightseeing? Where did Salman do Salaam-e-Ishq to Priyanka Chopra? And Rabba, where did Amitabh Bachchan jhoom doning a Mexican Avataar? Join any tour of mine and if you wish, I can sprinkle a refreshing dose of Bollywood in it.

Royal London
World’s most famous Royal Family. What does the Queen do? How does Prince William spend his free time? See and hear their stories. See where they live, where they shop from, the restaurants they visit, the Clubs the frequent. Meet their ancestors, some of them famous, some of them infamous.

Tower of London
The home of Kohinoor, the diamond a man will never wear! See the Ravens, the most pampered birds in the country. Hear their legendary story. See the stone fortress surrounded by modern glass buildings.

St Pauls
An architectural masterpiece and full of Indian connections. Goddess Laxmi, River Ganga and Bhagirathi, Lord Cornwallis and above all the tomb of the man who was part of the Army that defeated Tipu Sultan.

Westminster Abbey
See the church where kings and queens are crowned, where Isaac Newton is buried? And which Pandit Nehru visited as guest at current Queen’s wedding.

British Museum
One of the most visitor friendly place. Yes, you are allowed to click pictures. It is free and you can easily spend half a day there. It spans entire history of human civilisation but I can do a short time travel over 5000 years and show you the most popular and fascinating.

National Gallery
After a 2-hours tour you are unlikely to say, ‘Paintings and all don’t really interest me’. Paintings talk to those willing to listen. I am just an interpreter. Join me for a whirlwind tour if you have only 1 hour or a leisurely one if you have more.

Additional Qualifications:

Masters in Mass Communication, Bachelors in Social Work

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