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Hello, I'm Sean and I have a passion for Britain and its cultural and historical heritage. I would love to be your guide and my goal would to be to make sure your time with me will be fun as well as informative as I bring to life some of the greatest art works in the world, the changing architectural landscape of London, as well as its' amazing 2,000 year old history.

Whether it is London, or the the glories of Roman and Georgian Bath, the majesty of medieval Salisbury, the dreaming spires of Oxford or the mysteries of Stonehenge, I work with enthusiasm with all ages and interests to make sure visitors, be they individuals or groups leave with happy memories and more importantly a desire to come back for more. I am told that I am particularly good with children and young people looking to learn and with special needs groups.

No two tours will be the same, I will work to make sure your experience is unique.

I am a Liveryman of the Worshipful Company of Clockmakers one the ancient City of London Livery Companies and I am a freeman of the City of London. I am a god father to two wonderful children.

Personal Interests:

British and European Art from 13th to 19th Century
Cathedral and Church Architecture
The City of London, livery companies and traditions
The Royal Family and history of Royalty
The Curious!
History of Politics and Parliament
Children and Young People willing to Learn
Children Young people and adults of all ages with special needs

Special Interests:


I am particularly interested in working with groups who have particular needs and what to access the best our artistic and cultural heritage has to offer. I will offer, free of charge, time ahead of a visit to meet your group, understand their needs and how best to meet them.


I am am avid shopper and know London's shopping districts and Stores intimately whether you are after a bargain or want to splash let me show you the best London has to offer.

Lecture Subjects

I would be happy to provide a lecture or informal talk on most subjects covered above. I also offer a lecture on the restoration of Windsor castle after the fire. Please contact me for a discussion as I would like to meet your specific needs wherever I can.

Castles & Palaces

The Tower of London - a Palace, a Fortress, the home of the Crown Jewels and the magnificent Beefeaters. Walk the ramparts experience medieval palace living and gaze upon the most wonderful crown jewels in thew world more special because they are still in use today!

Windsor Castle - A Palace a Fortress and a Home, Its the place Our Queen calls home. A stunning place, not a museum or art gallery but home to a collection of artwork and objects that will take your breath away.

Hampton Court Palace - walk through the rooms and you are walking through rooms that Henry VIII used marvel at a building with an architectural history from tudor through to William and Mary as well as stunning gardens as well as a super maze to get lost in.

Regional Tours

London is a superb city and Britain is a superb country we have a fascinating history and some of our great cities are superb to visit. Are you interested in Georgian Architecture? Exquisitely preserved Roman Baths? Then come and see the great City of Bath.

In Salisbury as well as the Cathedral there is a hidden medieval city surrounding it, and just outside a place called Old Sarum where Salisbury began, an iron age hill fort as well as the site of a norman castle and cathedral and find out why the cathedral was moved and the new City of Salisbury was created. Step inside a 13 century hall house and see how these wooden houses were built.

Come and visit stonehenge what was achieved as well as the visual of this ancient monument set in a landscape full of mystery.

Come and visit ancient Winchester, with its great Cathedral, Great Hall and a history going back to Alfred the Great.

A Walk around Oxford exploring the academic life and and the architecture of its ancient colleges and visit a marvellous underground bookshop pone of the largest in Britain.


Our history is the fascinating history of our monarchs. Our current monarch still today, fascinates people from all over the globe. The ceremony and pageantry that surrounds Queen Elizabethan II is some of the most memorable experience visitors to London have. As we walk around Westminster let me walk you through that history, and answer your questions on why the overwhelming majority of people in our nation support our Monarchy, how they are financed and why we executed one of them by chopping off his head. If we are really lucky and you are visiting on one of the days when the Queen is participating in an event, you may even get a selfie with the Queen in the background!


In London we are blessed with an extraordinary range of museums and most of them are free. The British Museum (The memory of mankind) a treasure trove of antiquity where you can get lost in time. The Victoria and Albert Museum, a cathedral to design, where you can explore design through the ages and see how it influenced generations through history and still today influences great designers. Or come with me to Greenwich and the National Maritime Museum, see the naval history of our nation and how it defined us. Explore the Harrison Chronometers that solved the Longitude challenge and why that was crucial to our naval and trading history that made us the nation we are today.

London Areas in Depth

There is nothing better when visiting a place than walking around and exploring distinct parts of it and getting to know them intimately. London is made of up several of these areas each with their own fascinating histories, sights and shops. Westminster the heart of royalty and government. Fashionable and elite Mayfair, Georgian Bloomsbury, the financial district of London, the City, where London's history goes back 2,000 years and where you can see Roman was cheek by jowl with 21st century glass and steel skyscrapers.

Art/Paintings & Sculpture

I offer highlights of some of the greatest art collections in the world and bring to life some of their magic, beauty and hidden secrets.

National Gallery: Our nations collection of European Art from the late 13th to late 19th Century - The sun, glum looking self portraits, A saint rolling naked in a thorn bush, Ulysses shouting at Polyphemus - but where is Polyphemus in the picture? An angelic face, naked gods, magisterial Kings, medieval knights, a french courtesan, 1,000 virgins, the Belgian countryside, rustic suppers, a weird looking skull, a simple kitchen chair. Come and see how ordinary things were made extraordinary by the likes of Rembrandt, Da Vinci, Rubens, Claude , Turner, Holbein, Van Gogh and many more of the masters.

Tate Britain - which showcases the best of British art through the centuries and the only gallery in the world to have Freud Egg and Bacon hanging on the walls.

If you have explored the collections at the National Gallery and Tate Britain why not come and see The Wallace Collection are where you will find unsurpassed displays of French 18th-century painting, furniture and porcelain with superb Old Master paintings and a world class armoury and a great place to get an afternoon tea.

Churches & Cathedrals

Let me show you the best that the following has to offer:

Westminster Abbey, the wonder of medieval gothic architecture, the burial place of monarchs, scientists poets and writers. The baroque beauty of St Paul's Cathedral, the towering spires of The City Churches of Sir Christopher Wren

and, if you have time or have seen the "greats" a few hidden gems - showing the best of Victorian artistry, Georgian simplicity and a veritable cathedral of the arts and crafts movement.

Outside of London:

I can show you the magnificent St George's Chapel at Windsor Castle, the home of our Queen, Elizabeth II, some describe this chapel as the very soul of England!

Also the medieval Salisbury Cathedral, painted by Constable, set in a glorious close that has no equal in England and an architecture that is just sublime. If you are brave you can even climb up to the bottom of the spire and walk in the footsteps of the 13th Century stonemasons. It is unique - comm and find out why. Plus it has the best cathedral cafe/restaurant in England!


I would really like to work with children and young people who want to learn about our artistic and cultural heritage as well as our history.

It was the educators when I was young that had a huge influence on me as an individual and I still treasure them in my memory particularly those who made it fun and bought it to life for me.

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