Sarah-Jane Kitching

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020-7821-0018, 07956-568266

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Having worked as a doctor for twenty-five years, I changed career to become a tourist guide because although I still love medicine, I adore history and am passionate about London and was awarded Guide of the Year 2012. I have lived here all my life so if you want to explore this city, I will show you not only the history but the fun and sometimes the hidden side of this wonderful city!

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Royal London, Parks & Gardens, Medical London, Westminster

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I adore gardens and gardening - there are over 3000 gardens and parks in London from the expanse of Richmond Park to the smaller Postmans Park and each has a charm of its own

Castles & Palaces

As a child, I spent many days wandering around Hampton Court with its magnificent state rooms, glorious gardens and fascianting maze

Churches & Cathedrals

Westminster Abbey is the place that convinced me to become a guide, encapsulating the history of England in one site, utterly enchanting and endlessly fascinating

London Areas in Depth

The City of London is the oldest pat of the capital and its one square mile contains not only the global financial centre but ancient churches, tiny gardens and the hidden gems that surprise at every turn


Working as a doctor, my life was science what better place to explore it than London which offers the Royal Institution where ten elements were discovered including Potassium and Sodium or the Natural History Museum which still holds the finches Charles Darwin brought back from the Galapagos leading him to formulate the Theory of Evolution


The Victoria and Albert Museum in South Kensington is a treasure trove of discoveries that will delight, surprise and thrill you, wandering through my favourite museum cannot fail to please

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