Sarah Fordham

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020-7602-2770, 07966-202548

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I am very much a people person who appreciates the different requirements of individuals. I have previously worked in teaching, relocation and the theatre. I never tire of showing the city I love to visitors.

Personal Interests:

Statues & Memorials - the tales of those on high.
Children - I do special interest tours.
Theatre - I can tell you what is good to see.
Walking - London to see its many different sites.

Special Interests:


From Roman remains to 21st century towers.


A follower and reader of the latest trends. Can show you where to source interesting designers.


So many to choose from to enjoy on a wet day or pop into as we come across them.


I have a number of tours to show where writers lived and worked in London.


You know the British Museum & Natural History let me show you the quirky, small & off the tourist track. Whatever your interest let me find one for you.

Decorative Arts/Arts & Crafts

The cathedral to this is the Victoria & Albert Museum from there we can discover other wonderful examples in Harrods, Lord Leighton's home to name but two.

London Areas in Depth

Two Ciites & thirty three villages make up London. Each has its individual history, buildings & people.

Walking Tours

My speciality. The best way to see London is on foot - get behind the well known facades to the hidden back streets & squares.

Ethnic Britain

Lodnon has been an ethnic mix since the Romans conquered & founded Londinium in 43AD. Since then many different groups of people have made their homes here whose culture have added to our rich heritage.

Churches & Cathedrals

London is full of them - simple,medieval, classical, baroque, victorian, remains etc. Enjoy their history as well as a live concert.


British Museum, Somerset House, Parliament

Additional Qualifications:

BA, cert.Ed.

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