Sally-Ann Todd

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I love taking new people around London’s great sights. I guide all the famous sights like the Tower of London, Westminster Abbey, St Paul’s, the British Museum and the National Gallery. But I also love exploring the London that you are looking for, by coach, by car or just walking.
I have several years of experience as an English speaking Blue Badge Guide, with additional qualifications for Windsor Castle and the British Museum, but my passion is communication, making sure that all my customers really understand what we are visiting, whether we are in London, Oxford, Cambridge, Bath or Stratford upon Avon.
I am experienced with really tiny groups, as well as really large ones, with families, with juniors and with seniors.
London is a fantastic city, and there are sights you MUST see on your visits. But it is also changing too, with world class exhibitions passing through, such as this year’s 800 year anniversary of the Magna Carta - the foundation stone of the English speaking world’s individual liberties and democratic government: so let’s design the best tour for you.

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Westminster Abbey
British Museum
National Gallery
St Paul's Cathedral
Tower of London
City of London Walk
Royal London
South Bank/Bankside


Windsor & Eton, 2012 Venues

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