Robert Sissons

Profile updated 8/07/24

Regional Qualification(s):

South East England, London


English, French, Spanish

Phone Number(s):

07554-921039, 01303-210679

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I've lived all my life in Kent apart from two years working and studying in France and one year in Spain. I love travelling, and, in addition to guiding, I qualified with Peel Talent in 2017 as a Port and Destination Speaker on board cruise ships. I can give an international dimension to any visit to London or South-East England, and am able to guide in French or Spanish if required. One of my favourite places in the world is Leeds Castle in Kent - I used to live about three miles away, and never dreamed in my childhood that one day I would be taking groups around it! I am a history and genealogy enthusiast and have traced my family tree back to the Commonwealth period.

Please note that I am not a driver guide, nor do I have the endorsement for Windsor. And, as I live in East Kent, long day trips to anywhere west of London with early starts are quite awkward unless, for example, I am guiding on a coach travelling from Kent. It may also be difficult for me to accept work in London that starts early and finishes late, especially if I have work elsewhere the day before or after. As I rely on trains for travelling to and from London, I regret that I may be unable to accept work involving meeting customers in London if there is a risk of a rail strike.

Although I have worked as a tour manager in the past, my days of dealing with lost suitcases and hotel room allocations are long behind me. I just might under very special circumstances accept work that takes me away from home for one night , as long as I can get home again afterwards, but please don't expect me to escort a long tour!

Special Interests:

Churches & Cathedrals

Can take groups around cathedrals and churches in Kent and Sussex

Industrial Heritage

Visits to wind and water mills in south-east England


Especially interested in railways, can escort tours by train. Also walking tours along routes of disused railways



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