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I grew up near Bristol and spent 3 years working in Hong Kong and then 27 years working in London. I qualified recently in December 2014 as a Blue Badge Guide for the South West and have an immense pride in the South West and its history. Having been born in Africa and having worked in the Far East, I have always loved travel. Now based just outside of Bristol, guiding has given me that continuing opportunity to meet people from all over the world.

Aside from guiding I have always loved sport, in particular rugby and cricket, and am a keen horse rider and skier.


(Bristol walking tour 16 November 2019)
‘Apologies for not getting back to you sooner, I somehow missed this email entirely. The extra £10 was absolutely intentional, we had a wonderful time and were blown away with the depth of knowledge you have, thank you for creating a very memorable experience for my family and I.
I hope you are having a wonderful festive season and want to wish you all the best for 2020!’
IB, Bristol

‘City Break
Robert was a mine of information. A top class tour guide who made Bristol’s past come alive. Could not recommend this walking tour enough. He goes over & above the call of duty.’
LG, August 2019

‘Excellent tour
The two hour tour starts at Bristol Tourist Information Centre in the city centre. We were surprised by the brilliant weather so it was a great day for our tour. Wrap up when by the harbour though!
We were met promptly by Robert Collin our Blue Badge Guide who is not only knowledgeable but his recall for names dates and places is amazing. The tour itself is not far reaching covering the city centre about 1.7mile radius but the information about the history of Bristol, it's people, the river Avon and it's connection to the transatlantic slave trade was very interesting. Robert covered the topic sensitively explaining facts openly and honestly, providing a balanced view on many emotive subjects.
I would recommend this tour for all interested in understanding how Port cities like Bristol became wealthy at the expense of enslaved Africans. Also learning about connections still relevant to all of us today like how the Great Western railway came into existence.
Sundays only March to November.’
Jane Manchester Reviewed 29 May 2019 via mobile

‘You must do this
My sister and I were in Bristol for a couple of days and we went on this walking tour. It was just amazing. Rob, our guide, just made the city come alive. He was so knowledgeable and passionate that we didn’t want it to end.
If you are visiting Bristol, you must do this and ask for Rob. You won’t be disappointed.’
18 March 2019
FT Cheltenham

‘Tour by a guide who loves Bristol
What a fun tour. Our guide Robert Collin showed and told us about the good and not so good history of Bristol which makes it the wonderful city it is today. At the end of the tour Robert left at the perfect spot, the St. Nicholas market. Just in time for a tasty lunch and a little shopping.’
March 2019
Detroit Michigan

‘Great Tour, Brilliant Guide
At only 6 GBP, this might be the best bargain in the UK. Bristol has a fascinating and our Blue Badge guide Robert was just as fascinating. He very ably led us around the city, filling the time with interesting stories and historical anecdotes. Although the tour was scheduled for two hours, we were all very interested in what Robert had to say, and he was interested in showing us his city, so it ran considerably longer. From his demeanor, I thought Robert was perhaps a former history professor, it turns out that the is a retired police officer, who spent time in Hong Kong among other places. He is a genuinely nice human being and he led a terrific walk. It was the perfect way to learn about Bristol.’
November 2018
Eric, Pasadena California

As a guide to both Bristol and Bath, it is a pleasure to highlight the sites of both cities and to explain their very different history to visitors. The period that links and was transformative to both cities was however the 18C, which was the high point of the Transatlantic Slave Trade in England and then Britain after the Act of Union with Scotland in 1707. The Transatlantic Slave Trade has become an important subject of study for me, and specialist interest walks on this subject are provided for both private groups and for public groups (from Bristol’s Tourist Information Centre).

The Transatlantic Slave Trade and its impact on Bristol
The walk on THE SLAVE TRADE and ITS IMPACT ON BRISTOL, will incorporate the 1,000 history of Bristol as a port, a summary history of Bristol’s participation in the ENGLISH AND BRITISH SLAVE TRADE INCLUDING THE ABOLITION OF THE SLAVE TRADE IN 1807 AND THE ABOLITION OF SLAVERY IN 1833, and a comment on Edward Colston, an official of the ROYAL AFRICAN COMPANY, and his divisive legacy to Bristol. The walk will take in THE HISTORIC HARBOUR OF BRISTOL INCLUDING THE FLOATING HARBOUR, the city centre, Park Street, Bristol Cathedral, Pero’s Bridge, John Cabot’s statue by the Arnolfini and Queen Square. The tour takes approximately 2.5 hours. THE BRISTOL SLAVE TRADE WALKS RUN EVERY SUNDAY AT 12 NOON FROM OUTSIDE THE ENTRANCE TO THE RADISSON BLU HOTEL, BROAD QUAY, BRISTOL BS1 4BY BETWEEN APRIL AND OCTOBER. THE WALK IS ALSO CONDUCTED FOR PRIVATE GROUPS.

As a native of Bristol I have a particular interest in Bristol’s history, both good and bad, and conduct both private and public walks (the latter from Bristol’s Tourist Information Centre) to bring Bristol’s history to life under the title of the ‘Bristol Highlights walk’.
Bristol Highlights Walk
The Bristol Highlights walk will bring alive Bristol’s 1,000 history as a port from the late Saxon period in the 10C up to the present day and the commercial operations of Avonmouth Docks and Royal Portbury Docks, both part of Bristol. The walk will incorporate a summary of BRISTOL’S PARTICIPATION IN THE TRANSATLANTIC SLAVE TRADE, ISAMBARD BRUNEL’S ACHIEVEMENTS IN BRISTOL including the building of the SS Great Western, the SS Great Britain, his design of the Clifton Suspension Bridge, and his building of the Great Western Railway from London to Bristol. The walk will also include reference to Piracy and Blackbeard, Banksy and street art and will take in the City Centre, Denmark Street, Park Street, College Green (the location for the City Hall and Bristol Cathedral), Millennium Square, the Floating Harbour and previously our City Docks, John Cabot’s statue outside the Arnolfini, Queen Square, King Street and the OLD TOWN OF BRISTOL including ST NICHOLAS MARKETS. The tour takes approximately 2.5 hours. THE BRISTOL HIGHLIGHTS WALKS ARE FOR PRIVATE GROUPS ONLY.

For reviews of both walks which are my two specialist walks conducted in Bristol please see my TripAdvisor reviews:

Please also see my Twitter account on @RobCollinGuide.

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Walking tours in Bristol and Bath and panoramic coach tours in Bristol and Bath.

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Walking Tours

Walking tours around Bristol and Bath

With regard to Bristol, I provide 2.5 hour walks under the title of 'The Bristol Slave Trade' every Sunday at 12 noon from April to October 2024.

With regard to Bath, I provide a 2.5 hour walk (Private walks only) from April to October 2024 under the title of Bath's slave economy in the 18th Century.

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The works of Isambard Brunel in Bristol.


Bristol's history as a port, its merchants and its participation in the Transatlantic Slave Trade.


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