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Hallo, everyone! Walking tours are back! Real ones on pavements with steps to climb occasionally and toilet breaks. Do come on my Shakespeare Walking Tour with lute. No schedule: do contact me to arrange a date through this website or

Of the zoom-tours, do come on one of my Shakespeare Birthday Lectures every Monday at 7pm. They are illustrated reworkings of the shows which the comedian Arthur Smith and I gave annually from 2000 to 2019 on Shakespeare's birthday in Southwark Cathedral. Monday 3 May is Shakespeare and the Nine Days Wonder which tells the story of the clown Will Kemp and his dance from London to Norwich in 1600. I re-enacted it in 2015. That's me in costume leaping over Kentwell Hall, Suffolk. We visit the villages and towns Kemp stopped at - Romford, Brentwood, Chelmsford, Braintree, Long Melford, Bury St Edmunds, Thetford and Hingham. The lectures will continue to the end of June and include Shakespeare and Nell Gwyn, Dickens, John Harvard, The King James Bible, the Queen's Saddler and Heminge and Condell. Do join me: it will be lovely to have you. Tickets or my

There's no need to wait until you get here to see London either. Join me on a virtual tour! I am currently working through a series of The heroes of the pandemic are the care workers, the doctors and nurses of the National Health Service and you can pay tribute to them by joining me on my Medical Tour. It's called All Around the University - Firsts and Inventions in the History of Medicine. You'll be amazed how many medical practices happened here first. We tour the streets around University College London (UCL) which has one of the leading medical schools in the world and its own hospital (UCH). For a slightly oblique view of the medical profession, come with on my virtual Quack Tour through the City of London. Quack doctor Lionel Lockyer prospered during the Great Plague of London in 1665, selling pills that were no more effective against the pandemic than the remedies of real doctors but were available at a ruction of the cost!

Get to know London before you arrive on my Virtual Panoramic Tour. It's like a hop-on-hop-off bus ride leaving 10am on a Saturday morning. It takes two hours to get round and costs £5 a ticket. You can join and leave anytime you like just like in real life - or you can book me at a time to suit you. You choose! Alternatively you could come on my virtual  Moonploy Tour of the streets on the London version of the Monopoly board, which just happen to be the most famous places in London. We go once round using the dice to tell us where to stop. No two tours are the same! That costs £5 a ticket too.

Allow me to present my Margaret Thatcher in Chelsea virtual tour. No British woman was more international than the prime minister Margaret Thatcher. On this event you'll see the borough which became famous during the Swinging Sixties and get to know something of the life of one of the country's greatest prime ministers who lived in Chelsea before she came to power in 1979. She was there in the 1950s as a young mother and in the 1970s as she prepared to lead the nation. We visit her homes, her shops, her church and her grave and conclude with a recitation of Tennyson's Ulysses, a poem she could recite. Her life was truly a great odyssey.

Any of the churches are still closed but you can come with me on my tour to explore The Art of St Paul's Cathedral. As the guide's Site Liaison for St Paul's, I know the place as well as anyone.  I have a background in music and used to sing there.  I'll introduce you to the treasures I love - the Henry Moore Mother and Child, the death effigy of John Donne and the dome paintings of Sir James Thornhill, not to mention the music of the 900-year-old choir. Tickets for all my tours are available on my Some are scheduled, but you can also contact me ( to arrange your own tour outside these regular times.

As the former chief music critic of the London Evening Standard, allow me to take you through my on-line illustrated Short History of English Music. It covers the 500 years from the Renaissance church composer John Taverner (1490-1545) to the Neo-Renaissance church composer John Tavener (1944-2013). In a blank verse narrative, I focus on shelves of the most significant composers to have enhanced the nation's musical culture. Not all of them were English-born: the island nation was always an immigration melting-pot.

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Sherlock Holmes
Music Hall
Franz Joseph Haydn
Jack the Ripper

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My Jack the Ripper Piano Tour includes the Music Hall songs that were current in London 1888, played by yours truly at various keyboard instruments en route and usually ending at an East End pub.


The Austrian composer Haydn lived in London from 1790 to 1794 and wrote a dozen symphonies for the Georgian city. The tour his footsteps from his lodgings in Soho, to his girlfriend's house by Buckingham Palace while the narrative explains how the commissions came by their nicknames The Drumroll, The Miracle, The Clock, The Military etc....


I was for many years a lay clerk (professional singer) at Norwich and Southwark Cathedrals and am knowledgable about religion and the history of the church. I love to take tours to Canterbury following the route which Chaucer's pilgrims took. I am site liaison officer for St Paul's Cathedral.

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