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Rick Jones specialises in the arts. Before becoming a Blue Badge Guide he worked as an arts journalist for different newspapers and magazines including the Evening Standard (where he was Chief Music Critics for ten years) and is today the secretary of the Critics' Circle. He is a graduate in Modern Foreign Languages from the University of East Anglia and a post-graduate in singing and lute from the Royal College of Music. He is an expert on Shakespeare and plays the lute at the beginning of most Shakespeare tours. He is an authority on the Restoration Theatre expressed through his Nell Gwyn Tour. He is also an aficionado on the American poet TS Eliot and his Waste Land Tour visits locations in the City of London mentioned in Eliot's poem of that name. He is always delighted to guide groups in Tate Modern Art Gallery on a tour which embraces the entire artistic scene of the last hundred years. His love of arts extends to the healing arts and his Medical Tour - All Around the University explores the contribution the creative mind makes to medicine. His Quack Doctor Tour follows the rounds of an unqualified doctor in Shakespeare's age. Rick's Changing of the Guard Tour includes references to the Austrian composer Joseph Haydn who was inspired by Britain's military as the army squared up to Napoleon in the 1790s. As a former cathedral chorister in London, Rick has a knowledge of St Paul's Cathedral second to none. He is keen to celebrate the tercentenary of the architect Sir Christopher Wren this year and loves to show groups the many churches Wren built in London besides St Paul's.

Below are Rick's scheduled tours bookable http://throughwww.walks.com.

Monday am Changing of the Guard with Joseph Haydn

Monday pm Quack Doctor Tour 

Wednesday am TS Eliot The Waste Land Centenary Tour 

Wednesday pm Tate Modern Highlights

Thursday pm Medical Tour All Around the University - Firsts and Inventions in the History of Medicine 

Friday am City Churches  

Saturday am Shakespeare and his Lute 

Unscheduled tours bookable on an ad hoc basis are:

Margaret Thatcher in Chelsea

The Rugby Tour of London: 200 Years since William Webb Ellis picked up the ball and ran with it..

The Nell Gwyn Tour or the Story of Charles I, II and III

Victoria and Albert Museum Tour 

National Gallery Tour

St Paul’s Cathedral Tour

Westminster Abbey Tour 

Tower of London Tour  

Book me here or through my http://websitewww.rickjonesguide.co.uk

Here's a little advertisement for the Moonploy Tour https:// http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GBPRkrUzunQ&feature=youtu.be&fbclid=IwAR2Z2oWzi99VKerWapBd0ruqkR2-wV2su26HQhqzHf2l4t4FAxGpRP7hf5E

I'm on instagram @rickjones593
I'm on Twitter @RnbJones56
I'm on film: https:// http://www.facebook.com/100045459611322/videos/184852856373367
and here's a tour of St Paul's (click the cog top right for my narration)  https://poly.google.com/u/0/view/cK5_BnOJ4pY

Personal Interests:

Sherlock Holmes
Music Hall
Franz Joseph Haydn
Jack the Ripper

Special Interests:


My Jack the Ripper Piano Tour includes the Music Hall songs that were current in London 1888, played by yours truly at various keyboard instruments en route and usually ending at an East End pub.


The Austrian composer Haydn lived in London from 1790 to 1794 and wrote a dozen symphonies for the Georgian city. The tour his footsteps from his lodgings in Soho, to his girlfriend's house by Buckingham Palace while the narrative explains how the commissions came by their nicknames The Drumroll, The Miracle, The Clock, The Military etc....


I was for many years a lay clerk (professional singer) at Norwich and Southwark Cathedrals and am knowledgable about religion and the history of the church. I love to take tours to Canterbury following the route which Chaucer's pilgrims took. I am site liaison officer for St Paul's Cathedral.


Wells Cathedral

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