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I have 30 years experience of conducting and planning entertaining tours of London and Britain. I am the author of 20 books on themes such as Haunted London, Haunted Britain and Ireland, Jack the Ripper and Dickens London.

I have also written walking guides on Edinburgh, Oxford, Stafford-On-Avon, Bath, York, Chester and Cambridge. I have also written, produced and presented drama/documentaries on Jack the Ripper, Haunted London, William the Conqueror, Giants and British Legends and Charles Dickens.

I conduct Walking Tours of London as well as tours all over Britain and Ireland, ranging from literary tours to Haunted tours. I have 30 years experience of planning detailed tour itineraries, many on the more unusual aspects of the UK and Ireland.

I am also a Member of the Magic Circle where I hold the degree of Associate of The Inner Magic Circle, the penultimate level a member can achieve.

Personal Interests:

Walks of London, Jack the Ripper Tours, Ghost Walks, Dickens Tours, London Coach Tours, Pub Tours, Beatles Tours, Beatles London Tours, Clerkenwell, Shakespeare's London, Westminster Abbey, London walks, Tower of London, Stonehenge, Bath
London Legends, Haunted Britain, Ghosts of London, Historic Pub Walks,

Special Interests:

Folklore & Traditions

I am the author of several books on the Folklore and Traditions of Britain and Ireland, the research for which has taken me to all corners of the UK and Ireland. I have conducted in depth research at sites as diverse as stone circles, holy wells, Roman Temples, prehistoric burial mounds, and even a Swansea Shopping Mall! I am an enthusiastic communicator and enjoy regaling my groups with tales of the more mystical aspects of Britain and Ireland.

Walking Tours

I have devised and researched close on 150 walking tours in London and throughout the UK. In London I conduct Jack the Ripper Walks (I am the author of two books on the Ripper Crimes and have written two documentaries on the crimes.) I also conduct The London Ghost Walk (I have written three books on Haunted London), as well as walks of Dickens London, Hampstead, City of London, Historic Pub Walks, Shakespeare's London, Westminster, The East End, Clerkenwell, The inns of Court, Soho, Bloomsbury, Royal London, St James's.

Ghosts, Murders & Mysteries

I have been conducting Ghost Walks and Jack the Ripper Walks in London for over 30 years. I have also written several books on Jack the Ripper, 15 books on Haunted London and haunted Britain and Ireland, and have appeared as an expert interviewee on many major television documentaries on Jack the Ripper and Haunted Britain.


I have been conducting walks of Charles Dickens London since 1982 and am the author of the book Walking Dickensian London, for which I researched and wrote 25 Dickens themed walks all over London, as well as in Rochester and Cobham in Kent.

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