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Penny Wai

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Cantonese, English

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Over 30 years of guiding experience. 1982 Guide of the Year in Hong Kong. London Blue Badge Guide of the Year in 1987.

Penny Wai Tour Guide Review


Henry Pynchon

Fri 06/07/2018, 11:01

Penny was truly a pleasure! She has been in London for over 30 years and clearly knew her historic topics but was also well versed in current events and what I would call ‘popular culture’. Before going into details, I should note that we had a group of 13 people, predominantly Cantonese speakers but some native English speakers as well. Penny did an excellent job of keeping all parties included and ensuring the message was communicated to everyone equally. We started with a fully day tour of London landmarks, helpfully couriered along in a van that Penny helped to arrange. We must have gone to 12/13 famous London landmarks with Penny introducing each and keeping the group laughing the whole journey. The following day we went out to Windsor Castle and Oxford to see the universities. Windsor Castle was all aflutter as it was the weekend immediately following the Royal Wedding of Harry and Megan. Since we are from the USA it was obviously glorious to bask in the triumph of Megan on behalf of all Americans. We happy and wholeheartedly recommend using Penny for any London and UK based tours! Thanks Penny!


Henry Wilton Pynchon

+1 978-471-8668

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Theatre, Dancing

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Britain Today

London areas in depth.

Castles & Palaces

Windsor Castle, Tower of London, Kensington Palace, Buckingham Palace.


Lindy Hop, Rock n Roll, Charleston, Argentine Tango, Brasilian Samba, Tap Dance.

Food & Drink

Chinese/Cantonese Food.

History & Prehistory



British Museum.


Rock n Roll.


The Royal Family



Sports & Pastimes



Performance Arts and Dance


City of London, British Museum, Docklands

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