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Pedro Gajardo

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Yo soy guía oficial de turismo en toda Escocia.
Estoy profesionalmente calificado y asegurado para proveer a sus clientes con mis mejores servicios de guía y hospitalidad turística.
Mi calificación de “Guía Blue Badge”, me permite guiar en todas las regiones de Escocia y llevo más de quince años trabajando como guía profesional.
En Escocia, soy miembro de nuestra organización de guías profesionales “Scottish Tourist Guides Association” y también soy miembro de “British Guild of Tourist Guides de Gran Bretaña”. Puedo guiar en todas las regiones de Escocia, varias Islas y también en varios lugares turísticos de Inglaterra, incluyendo Liverpool, York, Cambridge, Oxford, Bath, Stonehenge, Durham, etc.
Siendo original de América Latina, entiendo muy naturalmente el idioma español y culturas de Latino-América por lo que puedo servir aún mejor a sus clientes. Mis comentarios son amigables, interesantes y con buen sentido de humor. También me gusta armonisar mi vida y trabajo con principios éticos, integridad y professionalismo.

I am a Native Spanish Speaking Guide, professionally qualified and insured as a “Blue Badge Tourist Guide” and have been working as a professional tourist guide for over fifteen years. I can guide your clients in all regions of Scotland and several tourist places in England.
Being originally from Latin-America, I have a full and natural understanding of Spanish and LatinAmerican language and cultures. Therefore, I can serve your clients even better.
My guiding and commentary are interesting, friendly and good fun. I always do my best to ensure that your holiday in Scotland is a happy and memorable experience.

Qualified as Blue Badge Tourist Guide in all regions of Scotland, accredited by the STGA and the University of Edinburgh.
Certificate in Historical Studies, with emphasis on Scottish History, by the University of Edinburgh.
Certificate in Scottish Studies, including the Scottish Parliament, by the University of Edinburgh.
Qualified to guide in York Minster (England) by the Dean and Chapter of York Minster.
Tour Director, BISP Certificate to guide in Britain and Ireland as a tour manager.
Certificate for Cruise Shore Guiding Excursions by the WFTGA.
Certificate in Scottish Whisky, by Moray College and Gordon & MacPhail Distillery.
Course on Rosslyn Chapel, University of Edinburgh.
Brazilian-Portuguese Course, University of Edinburgh. (Not satisfactory for guiding yet).
As a professional Tourist Guide, I invest lots of money, time and efforts to improve the quality of my services with CPDs, study visits, Oxford conference on tourism “Guided To Growth” and new Standards as “We’re Good To Go” and STGA guidelines for safer walking tours during COVID-19.
My aim is always to provide the best of service.

My guiding interests include the inspirational landscapes of Scotland, its history and people.
Guiding in all regions and isles of Scotland, Castles, Cathedrals, Palaces and Whisky Distilleries.
My personal interests include music, writing, gardening, travelling, quality of life and my family.
I like to harmonise my life and work with ethical principles, integrity and professionalism.

Personal Interests:

Scottish Tours in all regions of Scotland.
Whisky Distilleries. Castles and Palaces.
Conferences and Incentives.
Rosslyn Chapel. Guiding in the York Minster.

Special Interests:

Regional Tours

Short and extended tours in all regions of Scotland.
I can also guide in many tourist places in England and beyond.
Incentives and Corporate events.
Walking tours in cities, towns and countryside.
Cruises, islands and gardens.
Theme tours (Harry Potter).
Whisky tours.

Castles & Palaces

Castles and Palaces of Scotland.

History & Prehistory

Scottish History, endorsed by Edinburgh University Certificates.

Food & Drink

Whisky Distilleries, tours and talks. Whisky Certificate from Moray College and Gordon & MacPhail distillery.

Walking Tours

Walking tours in cities, towns, venues and countryside.

Industrial Heritage

James Watt in Greenock and Glasgow and the Industrial Revolution.


Archaeology of Scotland.


Baronial, Neoclassical and Victorian architecture in Scotland.


York Minster

Additional Qualifications:

S.T.G.A. Blue Badge Tourist Guide in all regions of Scotland.

Driver Guide: