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English, Braille

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*** Winner Tourist Guide of the year ***

If you want a light introduction to London or an in depth discovery tour, or even something inbetween then I can help. I will open up the City for you - its architecture, traditions, gossip, and mysteries.

Born and bred in London, I read History at university and love bringing this to life for you with tours in places like Westminster Abbey and the Tower of London. You will see the Tudors in an entirely new light.

If you prefer your culture a little more artistic, join me in the National Gallery or British Museum. I will reveal the secrets of art and artefacts.

As an experienced walking tour guide - let me show you the hidden alleyways of the old City and the modern London. We may even meet a ghost or two!

Personal Interests:

British Museum
Tower of London
National Gallery
City of London
Westminster Abbey
Legal London
Tudor sights
Film location tours
Panoramic coach tours
Walking tours
St Paul's Cathedral
Legal London
History and politics
Tate Britain

Special Interests:

Britain Today

London is a wonderfully vibrant place- with over 200 languages spoken, its possible to get good food for all over the globe within the boundaries of London. I won't just tell you what is here now, I will help you to understand how we arrived at where we are, in terms of politics, architecture, economics and historical references. Not by lecture, but by unravelling the sights and sounds of London.


From Roman remains, right up to Post Modern and Hi Tech to the 21st Century. Contact me to discuss your interests.

Castles & Palaces

Walk in the footsteps of Royalty , as we wander round the great castle of Britain. Hampton Court, where two worlds collide- the Tudor and Stuarts. Windsor castle-the Queens favourite home, or her other pad- Buckingham Palace. Take a trip down river to Greenwich for another royal Palace, and observatory.

Churches & Cathedrals

Westminster Abbey -the 'Nations Church' - marvel at the architecture, walk past the resting places of the Kings of England, stand amidst the Knights of the Order of the Bath and all their finery.
St Paul's Cathedral- for contrast- English Baroque, the master piece and resting place of the great Christopher Wren. Just one of his Churches, so don't miss others including where he practiced building that Dome!


I offer guided highlight tours in the National Gallery and Tate Britain and Tate Modern for art lovers - or those who want to get to grips with art.

History & Prehistory

Having read history at university, I now love to simplify our history to make it accessible for everyone, I can also ramp it up to bring out the intrigue and detail for those who want more.


A special one for fans of the C.J Samson novels- the wonderful detective Shardlake. I lead 'Shardlake's City' walk- which will really bring the books to life for you, even have you in tears where Chantry draws his last breath!


The British Museum is home to some of the great world exhibits, let me introduce you to these then, show you the wonders of the British collections.
If you really want to understand London then the Museum of London is a great starting place- for young and those more experienced in life alike.
Not forgetting South Kensington- the V&A, Natural History and Science museums.

Politics & Government

How do we have an unelected second chamber in the Houses of Parliament? - come with me and I will explain all.
I will show you how we got to where we are and explore with you where we may be going.

Walking Tours

I offer a range of walking tours including:
* Legal London
* Chelsea - village life
* City of London
* Royal London
* Southwark: a medieval playground
* Murder most horrid
* The City: post war architecture
....and many more!

Special Needs

Britain is for everyone!
I am a qualified worker with blind and visually impaired people, and have worked with people with a variety of disabilities. Contact me, and let me guide London for you.

Britain Today
Regional Tours


Windsor & Eton, City of London

Additional Qualifications:

Rehabilitation worker for Visually impaired

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