Olga Babenko

Regional Qualification(s):

South / South East, London


Russian, English

Phone Number(s):

07817 733734, 01342 716066

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I am a qualified Russian Blue Badge Tourist Guide. I believe that not only can I guide, but also organize a tour, prepare a route, make arrangements for any required activities and, above all, make my client’s day unforgettable. Guiding is not just a job for me, it is my passion!

Я профессиональный гид по Англии с опытом более 9 лет. Я не только могу для вас провести экскурсии, но разработать маршрут, забронировать билеты или столик в ресторане и самое главное сделать вашу поездку незабываемой!

Личный опыт и профессиональные знания позволяют мне открывать перед туристами необычные туристические возможности и проводить эксклюзивные экскурсии в Англии.

Personal Interests:

Hampton Court Palace, Windsor Castle & Oxford
Arundel Castle, Brighton Pavilion & Stonehenge
Hever/Leeds Castle, Chartwell House & Canterbury
Winchester, Salisbury, Portsmouth, Southampton
London, British Museum, Tower

Special Interests:

Churches & Cathedrals

Winchester Cathedral, Salisbury Cathedral, Arundel Cathedral, Chichester Cathedral, Romsey Abbey, Portsmouth Cathedral

Castles & Palaces

Hampton Court, Windsor Castle, Hever & Leeds Castles, Arundel Castle, Brighton Pavilion, Dover Castle, Winchester Great Hall, Blenheim Palace, Highclere Castle, Osborne House

History & Prehistory

I would love to share my passion about Stonehenge (Стоунхендж), combining it with other pre-historical monuments


So many places to visit and even more stories to tell


This is my particular interest. I can prepare a tour based on many religions from Stonehenge to Scientology

Regional Tours

Hampshire, Surrey, Oxfordshire, Kent, Sussex, Bucks&Berks (Хемшир, Суррей, Оксфорд, Кент, Сурl

Walking Tours

The best way to discover Oxford, Canterbury, Winchester, Salisbury, Arundel etc


Bluewater, Oxford Street and many more. Шоппинг со стилистом, переводчиком

Sports & Pastimes

tennis, fishing, golf, yoga, flying lessons, wine tasting and many more


Jane Austin from Steventon to Winchester

Additional Qualifications:

Blue Badge Russian Guide

Driver Guide: