Olga Babenko

Regional Qualification(s):

South / South East, London



Phone Number(s):

07817 733734, 01342 718892, 01342 716066

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I am a young Blue Badge Guide (Русскоговорящий гид экскурсовод по Англии) who would love to take Russian speakers on a journey (путешествия и экскурсии по Англии) around palaces, castles (замки), cathedrals (соборы), towns and cities in the South East of England.
I�ve spent most of my life in England studying, working, making friends and learning about this part of the country. I will be delighted to share my passion with visitors and take them to places like Hampton Court (Хэмптон Корт), Windsor Castle (Виндзорский Дворец), Oxford (Оксфорд), Stonehenge (Cтоунхендж), Winchester (Винчестер), Leeds Castle (Замок Лидс), Brighton (Брайтон), Canterbury (Кентербери), shopping (шоппинг) and many more.
The most important part of my tour is to find out what people are really interested in: whether it be culture, history, art, gardens, shopping or something else I will make sure they have a good time. I will also be delighted to prepare personalised tours, buy tickets, make reservations and organise any activities (anything from fishing to parachuting). I work with VIP clients as well as small and large groups.
Looking forward to hearing from you (С наилучшими пожеланиями и приятного Вам отдыха), Olga

Personal Interests:

Hampton Court Palace, Windsor Castle & Oxford
Arundel Castle, Brighton Pavilion & Stonehenge
Hever/Leeds Castle, Chartwell House & Canterbury
Winchester, Salisbury, Portsmouth, Southampton

Special Interests:

Churches & Cathedrals

Winchester Cathedral, Salisbury Cathedral, Arundel Cathedral, Chichester Cathedral, Romsey Abbey, Portsmouth Cathedral

Castles & Palaces

Hampton Court, Windsor Castle, Hever & Leeds Castles, Arundel Castle, Brighton Pavilion, Dover Castle, Winchester Great Hall, Blenheim Palace, Highclere Castle, Osborne House

History & Prehistory

I would love to share my passion about Stonehenge (Стоунхендж), combining it with other pre-historical monuments


So many places to visit and even more stories to tell


This is my particular interest. I can prepare a tour based on many religions from Stonehenge to Scientology

Regional Tours

Hampshire, Surrey, Oxfordshire, Kent, Sussex, Bucks&Berks (Хемшир, Суррей, Оксфорд, Кент, Сурl

Walking Tours

The best way to discover Oxford, Canterbury, Winchester, Salisbury, Arundel etc


Bluewater, Oxford Street and many more. Шоппинг со стилистом, переводчиком

Sports & Pastimes

tennis, fishing, golf, yoga, flying lessons, wine tasting and many more


Jane Austin from Steventon to Winchester

Additional Qualifications:

Blue Badge Russian Guide

Driver Guide: