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I am a Jersey born guide with a passion to tell the many stories that make up our island’s fascinating history. Having grown up in Jersey and then leaving to join the Royal Air Force for 26 years, I took every opportunity to tell colleagues of Jersey’s wonderful scenery and unique history and heritage. Having returned to Jersey in 2007, and qualified as a Blue Badge Guide, I now look forward to retelling those stories to visitors and residents.
Jersey, my Island home, is the largest of the Channel Islands measuring 9 miles by 5 and covering 45 square miles. Situated in the Gulf of St Malo, originally connected to the European and British landmass and inhabited by prehistoric man from around 250,000 years ago, ice age hunters and Neolithic Dolmen builders, the island finally became separated by rising sea levels at about 4000 BC. Jersey was used by Iron Age Celts to hide great wealth, as seen by Europe’s greatest coin horde find in 2012 of 70,000 coins and at least 11 gold torques. Roman influence can also be seen in the landscape such as the ruins of a temple on the coast at Le Landes. Annexed into Normandy around 933AD by William Longsword and then part of William the Conqueror’s enlarged English/Norman kingdom from 1066, Jersey finally became independent in 1204 under King John…….and then…..join me on a walk or a coach to see and hear more.

Personal Interests:

Jersey scenery, history and heritage.
Forts, castles and bunkers.
Prehistory especially Neolithic.
Food and drink production.

Special Interests:

Walking Tours

Rich in scenery, history and heritage, Jersey has much to offer for the walking visitor. As well as planned walks I can create personal walks for groups, individuals and corporate events.


Jersey has been invaded, defended and occupied many times, and can also claim to have the oldest regiment of the British Army “The Royal Militia of the Island of Jersey”. With many forts, towers, castles and bunkers to explore Jersey has a fascinating history for the military enthusiast to hear and see.

History & Prehistory

From Neanderthal hunters living in the cave at Cote De St Brelade to the German occupation of world war two, the people of Jersey have a 250,000 year history to tell.

Food & Drink

As I'm a chef who likes a little wine or cider while cooking, (sorry, in my cooking!!) let me show you some of Jersey's favourite places to eat and drink and meet the local producers who supply the fish and fresh produce.


Coastline, stunning cliffs, beaches, sand-dunes, grassland, meadows, heath lands, marsh lands, farmland, orchards, cows and potatoes, join me off the beaten track to see it all.

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