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Hi - my name is Mitchell. I hold a Trip Advisor Certificate of Excellence and have over 50 five star reviews. My aim is to give every client a fantastic tour.

The mainstay of my work is private tours for families/friends either in London using my VW Caravelle (up to 6 adults) or using public transport. Out of London I cover the best know destinations which can be done in a day trip from London such as Stonehenge & Bath, Oxford & Cambridge, Canterbury, Kent Castles , the Cotswolds and Windsor Castle & Hampton Court.

I also offer 'extended' touring for those who want to do some overnight stays as part of their exploration of parts of rural England and its many historic towns, cities , castles, stately homes, gardens and countryside.

My website gives you some further background on me and my approach or you can just drop an email to to get the ball rolling.

Personal Interests:

Law, Out of Town Sites
Financial London

Special Interests:

Britain Today

Much as the history of Britain is rich and varied my aim is to help clients understand how it has shaped what we see in Britain today.

Castles & Palaces

In essence a castle was a fortress and a palace a palatial home. Of course they were not mutually exclusive and it fun to compare and contrast different sites.


To visit London is not to visit England which is a 'green & pleasant land'. It is also a modest sized so it is possible to much within the course of a day trip to see at least some of it outside of the metropolis.


The legal excellence of London has helped secure it's place as the financial capital of Europe. As I qualified as a lawyer I am well placed to introduce you to the physical areas which excude an illustrious legal tradition.

Business & Finance

The 'square mile' was the Roman heart of London until they left in the 5th century. From the 9th cenntury this area then evolved into the financial capital of Europe. Having worked there for over a decade and lived in the area, I am well placed to introduce you to this amazing area with the emphasis on what is happening today.

Walking Tours

My walks are directly based on my experience and background.

In addition to the 'classics' of London I offer highlights tours of :
Legal London : I am a lawyer
Financial London : I worked in the City
Jewish London.

Politics & Government

I have a degree in Politics and an enduring interest in the news & current affairs of our time.
I can explain the legislative process and of course - where we stand with Brexit.



Windsor & Eton, 2012 Venues

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