Michael Barker

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Heart of England



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07880 351366

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I live in the stunning attractive Welsh Marches about a mile or so from Shropshire, not a stone's throw from the Stipper Stones & the Long Mynd and of course some of Englands most quintessential villages such as Clun & Bishops Castle...very unspoilt and still with a strong rural connection.

For the last 20 years I have been working as an self employed agricultural tour guide taking groups of farmers & students mainly from Australia & the US on "busman's holidays" yes farmers going on holiday to study farming in Great Britain and the EU...I also worked as an agricultural consultant mainly in organic farming but also in the chicken business too...

My first job back in the early 1980's was as a driver guide for an adventure travel company leading expeditions in trucks converted into buses specially equipped for taking groups of travellers on long haul trips mainly from the UK and Australia overland to India & Nepal or across Africa to Kenya and beyond some of the trips took 12 weeks and all camping...in effect I was a Dragoman this being the name given to professional guides who first guided early European explorers in the 18th & 19th century through the deserts of the Middle East and beyond...so you could say guiding has been a major part of my career over many years in one way or another and I still love it to this day!

Originally, I'm from a farming background, I have a degree in Agriculture which has taken me to some far-flung places around the world including cattle ranching in Venezuela and chicken rearing projects in India...oh and I speak Spanish!

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