Martin Hunka

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Phone Number(s):

01372-463158, 07785-977380



I am a storyteller first and foremost. Stories about people, places, buildings, cities, history, the old, the new. And not only the nuts and bolts of pediments and pillars but of the hopes, dreams, loves and hates of those whose lives make up the extraordinary saga of our great city London and of cities and places beyond.
My years in bookselling and publishing and my storytelling in theatres, schools, green fields, cafes and city streets propelled me towards guiding in London and the amazing places around it.
My family are all passionately involved in teaching and theatre, a close fit with my own enthusiasm at bringing alive a cathedral or castle, a shopping mall or a sailing ship, an observatory or an old master and the people who made them what they are to-day.
I have an English Degree and the 2009 Blue Badge 'Best Written Papers' Award which is all about knowing stuff about London, its streets, customes, galleries, history, major sites and people.

Personal Interests:

Storytelling, Great Fire of London,
Haunts and characters of Soho,
Southwark and its world outside the city.
Musical London, Stonehenge

Special Interests:

Folklore & Traditions

I tell stories, myths, folk stories and real stories too about the worlds they come from.

Castles & Palaces

Tower of London, Windsor Castle and the Royal Homes that grace the Mall, Hyde Park and Hampton Court

Walking Tours

Soho, The City, Westminster and wherever you would like to go.

History & Prehistory

Pre-historic Londoners butchered reindeer by the Thames, the Romans built a stylish city, the Anglo-Saxons traded up river and that was just the beginning...

Driver Guide: