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Leo Conville

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A Londoner born and bred, my passion for London and its wonderfully rich culture motivates me to shed light on the history and drama that lies hidden within. In 2010 I spent two years writing and producing a set of short documentary films which covered over 200 of London's most quirky and entertaining sites. This forced me to find the fun in and around the capital, gave me a wide breadth of knowledge and has allowed me to approach guiding in a flexible and bespoke manner. I love guiding the main tourist sites as much as I do pointing out the more unusual and interesting things in the city. The best thing for me about being a tour guide is that no day out with clients is ever the same, the moment guides us. My job and enthusiasm is in finding a way that we can bring it all to life as a group together.

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Special Interests:

Walking Tours

Whitehall, Southwark, around the Tower of London, St. James and the Royal Quarter, Jack the Ripper.

London Areas in Depth

Whitehall,Westminster, Southwark.

Art/Paintings & Sculpture

Tate Modern highlights. National Portrait Gallery highlights.

Additional Qualifications:

blue badge guide, BA Hons Drama and Theatre Arts

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