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Hello and welcome to London!

I made London my home more than 10 years ago and I am still in love with this city. My love and fascination with it grows deeper the longer I live here and the better I know it. I will never know it all but let me share my knowledge and passion of London with you!

I was born in Vilnius, Lithuania where I lived, studied and worked before coming to the UK. I have Master's degree in Art as a Painter from the Academy of Arts in Vilnius and have been practicing as an artist for over a decade. Art remains my interest and passion and is really useful in my guiding work.

Meeting people from various backgrounds and walks of life is a part of a joy of being a tour guide.
I enjoy working with people from all over the world: individuals, couples, families and large groups. There are endless options of what you can do in London and the surrounding area. I will help you to find out what suits you best.
I can take you on a walking tour or arrange a comfortable ride with a chauffeur: from the most popular sites, to hidden views and exclusive experiences – bespoke tours.

I will help you to see things, to understand them and to enjoy them.
One of my favorite sites, Westminster Abbey, for instance, is a quintessence of the nation - condensed history, a time machine bringing together ancient monks with the glamour of royal weddings and regal pomp. What I always remind you of when guiding, is that in London the modern is interwoven with the ancient.

Kensington Palace, the British Museum and the Victoria&Albert Museum are among my favorite sites where I feel at home.
Royalty is one of the subjects that intrigues visitors from overseas. I was intrigued by it as well and during the last six or seven years I have been steadily learning about the history of the English monarchy. I have had the privilege of working at Kensington Palace for six years and I am thrilled to take visitors there and share my knowledge.

Since childhood I have been fascinated by ancient civilizations, and The British Museum is the place where you can learn about them endlessly. I have been volunteering there since 2010 and occasionally even spent a night at the museum among the Egyptian sculptures!
The Highlight Tour of the |Museum is the most popular one but I can tailor something for you, or you might be interested in some of my special tours:
Ancient Greece: from its archaic routes to the Golden Age of the Athens
Time-machine travel through three continents: Ancient Egypt&Mesopotamia, Ancient Europe and Pre-Columbian America

I am also a member of staff at the Victoria&Albert Museum which is a real treasure trove for guides and for anyone who is interested in art and style. I know this complicated building inside out and I keep exploring its collections.
Apart from the Highlight Tour I can offer some special tours of the V&A:
History of Europe in Style
History of Britain in Style

A summary of my key sites:

Kensington Palace and surrounding area
Buckingham Palace and St James's district
Windsor Castle and environs
Tower of London
Westminster Abbey
National Gallery
British Museum

The best walks I offer are:

The Secret Life of  Kensington's  Back Streets
St James's: Royals, dandies and artisans
Hidden Westminster
City of London: visible and invisible History
Notting Hill: Go local in Notting Hill (my home territory)
Art Wrap: Sellection of Art Galleries

Join me on the tour, no matter if you are here for the first time or if you don't even bother to count your visits. London has infinite resources to show you something new and unexpected, and I am here to help you to discover it.

Please look for my availability and contact me to discuss and book the tour that you want.

Special Interests:

Art/Paintings & Sculpture
History & Prehistory
Castles & Palaces
Churches & Cathedrals
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Windsor & Eton

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