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Siwd Mae - my name's Keith and I'm a Welsh speaking driver guide living near the UK's smallest city - St Davids. I've lived or worked or visited all over Wales (and under some bits) and would love to introduce you to her history, landscape and most importantly her culture - basically what makes Cymru (Wales!) different to the rest of the UK!

Personal Interests:

My interests are many and varied. My father was a mining engineer and my mother's a farmer's daughter so I know both traditions. I'm normally happiest outdoors, ideally in one of Wales' National Parks or Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty. We've a castle or two in Wales also, and whilst I'd not claim to have visited them all (there are over 600!) I've a fair knowledge of their locations and history.

Special Interests:


The agricultural sector is more than just a vital part of the Welsh economy. It also underpins the language's survival and contributes hugely to the country's culture.


Wales was the world's first industrialised nation - defined as having a majority not engaged in agriculture. At different times the world's largest producer of iron, copper, slate or coal exports, the fluctuating histories of these industries informs the visitor how today's human and physical landscapes have evolved.

History & Prehistory

Wales' history is a story of retaining its own identity despite being a neighbour of one of the world's superpowers. It's a complex tale, and the very fact that Wales still maintains its unique language and culture within a greater United Kingdom is a great story.

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