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Hello there!
Born in Kamakura City, Kanagawa Prefecture. After graduating university in Tokyo, worked as tour director, travelled many countries. Living in London since 2002. I'm interested in not only old things, but also new things and seasonal ones, always trying to find something new.
The motto is "Take care of the once-in-a-lifetime meeting". From many years of experience in the service industry, I always try to act from the customer's point of view.
I would be happy if I could help you to understand and enjoy your time in London.

What is London like for everyone? London's Icon Palace of Westminster, Westminster Abbey where King Charles's coronation was held, Tower bridge, historic royal palace Tower of London?
There are many attractions everywhere in London, such as galleries , museums, or the famous red bus, local’s recommended food walks and pub tours. What if you could connect each of these dots to lines then into an original story? I'm sure it will be a memorable story for your own. We will guide you according to your needs!

I will also help you with a full-day sightseeing trip from London. Mediaeval villages with honey-coloured houses that seem to come out of picture books, the Cotswolds region, the oldest and largest occupied castle in the world, Windsor Castle, and the mysterious Stonehenge. I will also give you transportation advice.

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Windsor & Eton

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