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I am a born and bred Londoner with a passion for the past.

Having studied history at Cambridge University all the way back in 2008, I turned my back on the world of academia to go and follow my theatrical dreams, and trained to be an actor at the Oxford School of Drama. Soon, however, my love of the past was luring me back, and I found I could resist the call of Stonehenge and the streets of London no longer.

As a qualified London Blue Badge Guide, and a City of Westminster Guide, I offer tours on every single part of London, and much of the South of England, with my specialities outside of London including Windsor, Bath, Stonehenge, Stratford and Oxford. Here in London I offer tours on the British Museum, the Tower of London, Westminster Abbey, St Pauls, film locations, art galleries, and pretty much everything in between! Something you're keen to explore or know more about? Get in touch! I can arrange a tour around any niche interest or particular passion you have, and designing a bespoke day out for a family or group is something I relish.

Particular passions include Stonehenge and our ancient monuments, Shakespeare, medieval history, churches and castles, and the British Museum.

As a historian, I am able to bring a deep understanding of Britain's history to my work as a guide, but my training as an actor means I can always present with some flair, and I always aim to bring my tours to life in as vivid a way as possible.

Alongside my work as a guide, I have also featured on radio and television, and am a regular contributor to the Travel Channel’s ‘Mysteries at the Museum’.

I am also proud to be one of London's infamous "Loo Ladies", conducting tours of public toilets and providing a history of health and sanitation in the City, find out more about us and book to join one of our tours here;


When not guiding I still act, and write too . Get in touch if you’d like me to show you around!

What people have had to say about me;

Virtual Tours

"Brilliant to learn some fascinating detail of somewhere that I have always wanted to visit! I could have listened for at least another hour. I wondered if I might be able to stay awake for such a late night tour but Katherine kept me enthralled and left me wanting more, thank you very much."

Angela, Virtual Tour, May 2020

"I have always loved reading about England's history so this tour was wonderful. Katie was so well informed and I loved hearing all the stories!"

Judy, Virtual Tour, May 2020

"The tour was wonderful and Katie did a wonderful job still keeping the tour information interesting during these crazy times."

Mikayla, Virtual Tour, May 2020

Tours in Person

"Katie was a wonderful tour guide who had so much historical knowledge to offer! I feel like I got so much more out of this experience thanks to her... we left with such a great understanding of the history behind the place which made the day so much more statisfying, when I come back to London I'll come with her!"

Tracey, tour of Windso,r 2019

"Katie was wonderful. So knowledgable and passionate about the history and the engineering marvels of Stonehenge and Bath. This tour was so much better than a double-decker tourist bus could ever have been. Thanks!"

William, tour of Stonehenge, 2019

"Our guide Katie was AMAZING! Katie has so much knowledge and passion about the Royals and Windsor, Bath, and my new favourite, Stonehenge!"

Jessica, tour of Windsor, Stonehenge and Bath, 2019

"Katie was so engaged and passionate about sharing her knowlegde. The whole day she provided lots of historical information and personal knowledge. I learned new things and myself and my mother thoroughly enjoyed the day - thank you!"

Alison, tour of Oxford and Stratford, 2019

"After previous tours on my trip that weren't so amazing, travelling with Katie was definitely a step up! My awesome tour guide knew so much about everything that she was teaching and showing to us. She was so enthusiastic that I was pretty sure that she was more excited to see Stonehenge than some of my family members! It was an incredible tour that I am so grateful to have experienced. The highlight of our trip!"

Sam, Stonehenge tour, 2019.

Special Interests:


I am particularly passionate about ancient sites such as Stonehenge, Avesbury Stone Circle and West Kennet Long Barrow.


In particular church architecure, but all pre-20th century architecture excites my interest!

Churches & Cathedrals

Churches and Cathedrals and the stories they tell about our changing nation through time, are one of my specialities.

Castles & Palaces

One of the joys of Britain are it's formidable stately homes and majestic castles, with stories in every corner.

Folklore & Traditions

British folklore and traditions are something I love to share, from the best places to hear traditional English folk music, to traditional arts and crafts, I can help you find them!

Stately Homes & Country Houses

As a great lover of architecture, I believe Britain's stately homes and country houses are among some of the most spectacular sites to visit. Places where the imagination runs wild!


I am a trained actor, and have performed on the stage of several of the West End's historic theatres. Book me for a tour and I can show you the best of the bunch, as well as all the backstage gossip and ghost stories!

Sports & Pastimes

I may not look like your typical big, burly rugby player, but for a long time I was one of the countries top young scrum halves! Want to see Twickenham or the Stoop? Or what to stray off into soccer? Speak to me about stadium tours!


Shopping is one of my absolute favourite pastimes in London and if I have a gap between tours I will dash off to my favourite boutiques. Come with me! I can show you where to find everything, from designer treats to handmade arts and crafts to take home.


Whilst I may not have suceeded in meeting her Majesty just yet, I can guide you through all the intricacies of her life and the stories of her famous forbears.


The museums of London are one of it's greatest features, home to artifiacts and objects from all over the globe, and capable of telling captivating and revealing stories about our shared past.

History & Prehistory

As a historian, it's fair to say that History and Prehistory are among my specialities. If you're looking to dive deep into this nation's story, I can take you on that journey.


Virtual Tours, Wells Cathedral

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