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I am a native Londoner having grown up in Brixton, South London. I have had many career changes along the way, but my favourite role is what I do today, working as a professional blue badge tour guide. You may ask why do I like being a tourist guide? That's easy to answer. It's a real privilege to show case my fabulous city, while meeting really interesting people from all walks of life and from all over the world.

London has a lot to offer. I could boast it has it all. From wonderful tourist spectacles like the 1000 year old Westminster Abbey or Tower of London, to Buckingham Palace the home of our wonderful queen, now the worlds longest serving monarch and of course the marvellous ceremony of the changing of the guard, a must see while you are here.

So let me guide you in London and give you a fabulous tour. You can design it or I can suggest some ideas when I find out your interests and tastes. We really do have lots to see, with world leading museums such as the British Museum with 2 million years of history to explore, to our fantastic art galleries like the National Gallery with the very earliest European art from the 12 century or our most modern gallery The Tate with some of the worlds leading contemporary artists.

A favourite day for me in London is to go to one of the numerous street markets. I am an avid hunter of artefacts and bargains. I am in my element in this city as we have many interesting markets such as Portabello, made famous in the film Notting Hill, starring Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts or Camden market a favourite of the late Amy Winehouse who lived minutes from it. From bric a brac, to vintage clothes, found in Spitalfields market, in the atmospheric east end of London, there's so much to see and take in.

Why not try the wonderful food ,with cuisine from all over the world. For those of you who love antiques there's the world famous Tower Bridge market, but be prepared to get up at the crack of dawn to get the best buys ahead of the dealers. Or maybe like me, you sometimes enjoy to relax in a street cafe or bar where you get the chance to people watch and really get the feel of this busy, vibrant city.

If you are interested to go out of London that's always possible as well. So have a think about your visit and get in touch if you want an exhilarating experience with a tailor made tour especially for you.

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Churches, museums, architectural sites, street markets,river cruises

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Ethnic Britain

Growing up in South London's Brixton let me show you the highlights of this fascinating area and the history from the Windrush to the present day.


Visit the markets and auction houses. Grab a bargain find a treasure.


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