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I have had a passion for London since I was 3 years old, when I was determined to be a taxi driver. Instead I am now a Blue Badge guide still in love with London's diversity and vibrancy. After two decades tour-managing throughout Europe, with both school and adult groups, I can relate to visitors of all ages and nationalities - and can deal with the technical problems and emergencies that might arise.

While at present my guiding qualifications are exclusively in English, I can communicate in most European languages and have travelled extensively myself - both of which can be very helpful with a range of individuals and groups. I of course enjoy guiding in our great churches (Westminster Abbey, St Paul's), art galleries (The National Gallery is without equal) and naturally the Tower of London. Excursions to our most worthwhile out-of-London cities (especially Oxford, Stratford and Bath) are a regular and fabulous feature.

Sport - especially football - and music are my favourite themes. I now specialise in Rock Tours of London. But with an unusually wide store of general knowledge and the willingness to research and prepare, I can turn my hand to most topics. Lately I have conducted tours themed around World War II, the Beatles, and London's Theatreland.

Personal Interests:

Football, Cricket
Global Cultures, Rock Music
Food, More Travel

Special Interests:

Castles & Palaces
Sports & Pastimes
Ethnic Britain

Sport - especially football - and music (especially rock) are my favourite themes. But with an unusually wide store of general knowledge, I feel that I can turn my hand to most topics.


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BA (Contemporary European Studies)

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