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Liverpool City Region / Merseyside



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Sharing my love for this fantastic region through unique guided tours. Discover with me the treasures of the "rainbow city" of Liverpool, from its humble origins to the second city of the empire to the world heritage site of today.
In Liverpool, follow the footsteps of the Beatles with John, Paul, George, and Ringo with an authentic certified guide that has always loved the Beatles in a city that has been recognized by Unesco as the new Unesco city of music.
Liverpool is now recognized as one of the great architectural cities of the UK. Liverpool has more Georgian architecture outside of London than any other town and talking about architecture, there are three magnificent cathedrals in the Chester and Liverpool region. Come with me and see the best architecture in the country.
Let me tell you the story of Liverpool's influence on America from architecture to cotton to slavery to war.
. Take a private walking tour and exam Liverpool's role in the Slave trade and its Privateering past
I have several bespoke, original tours ranging from a tour called Muck and Medicine ( highlighting the poor living conditions of the Liverpool people and the reaction to it by some of the great Medics in history ) to the role of the importance of women in the history of Liverpool including the role of the suffragettes and suffragists . Liverpool has a fierce communal spirit with a powerful matriarchal heartbeat at its core. There is an old saying in Liverpool " Men rule the roost but its women who decide what they think -and when !! "Famous women, eg Josephine Butler, Anne Clough, Hannah Greg, Eleanor Rathbone ,Ann Clough and perhaps some heroines that have been forgotten example Patricia Woodcock are discussed
Experience together with the jewels of the Wirral Peninsula, Hamilton Square, Birkenhead Park, including Port Sunlight - the 19th-century exercise in prosperity sharing by William Lever. A walking tour of the village and how it affected the local people. Perhaps followed by a highlights tour of the Lady Lever art gallery surely a must
Peaky Blinders has been described as the best BBC drama in the last few years. Let me take you to the filming locations of Peaky Blinders, the dramatic story of Alfie Soloman played by Tom Hardy and so much more. What will series five bring? We would have to arrange a car hire
Experience a bespoke highlights tour of the Lady Lever Art Gallery where you can see the world-famous Jasper Wedgewood collection, amazing pre-raphaelite paintings by Millais, Holman Hunt, Rossetti, Waterhouse, and paintings by Romney and Reynolds. Magnificent tapestries and 18th English furniture. Perhaps a highlights tour of the Walker Art Gallery, starting from Medieval paintings of Simone Martini to Lowry and Hockney. ( It has been said that the Walker Art Gallery is the best Gallery outside of London ) or we could combine the two Walker Art Gallery and the Lady Lever Art together. Liverpool has a Biennal art exhibition and of course, we have the famous Tate Art Gallery
I am delighted to say that I have recently qualified as a green badge tourist guide for the city of Chester.
I can arrange a tour of the two cities with a private hire car. let me share with you a tale of two cities - Liverpool and Chester and their wonderful architecture and history. Take a walking tour around the walled city of Chester and take in the eclectic architecture from the 13th century to the present day. See its Roman walls and its amphitheatre at one time the largest in Britain. Marvel at Chester's world-famous " Rows" and much more

Personal Interests:

It is said we have one cathedral and one to spare . Join me on a tour of the two cathedrals , joined by a street called Hope .
Port Sunlight
Introductory wine talks
Fascinating history of the Pubs
walking tour of Hope street
american connection
the port of liverpool
Introductory walk in liverpool
Slavery and Privateering in Liverpool
Muck and Medicine
Importance of women in Liverpools History

Special Interests:


Peaky Blinder tours in the Liverpool area and cheshire .I am a real fan of this BBC TV series .This requires a hire vechicle for either a four hour or eight hour tour. We would visit over 12 different locations on the four hour tour and much more on the 8 hour tour to include Tommy Mansion

Churches & Cathedrals

Some call Liverpool a city with a cathedral to spare .We have two cathredrals in Liverpool,contrasting in architectural style from Gothic to ultra modern linked together by a street called Hope . A highlights tour of both is included.If you wish a tour of the Crypt of the Metropolitan Cathedral can be arranged on request


Beatles .Let me take you on the footsteps of the fab four around Liverpool starting from the Hope street area to Mathew street or a special hire vechicle to see their homes , Penny Lane ,Strawberry Field ,St Peters church.Perhaps a visit to the Casbah club and discuss why Peter Best was sacked

Decorative Arts/Arts & Crafts

Guided tours of the Lady Lever Art Gallery with its world famous Jasper Wedgewood collection, sculptures,and exquiste English 18th century furniture and the Walker art gallery who many people say is the best art gallery outside of London.

Churches & Cathedrals

Many visitors to our country say that Chester is the finest living example of Roman history in our country .Let me take you on a walk around its Roman streets/walls and ampitheatre . Show you the world famous "Rows"and it eclectic architecture dating from the 13th century to the present day


This is a gardeners paradise ,from Ness gardens to Arley hall to Bondant gardens ,remarkable flowering ,garden sculpture and heavenly walks . A hire vechicle is essential

History & Prehistory

A walking tour around the waterfront in liverpool ,talking about the beginings of Liverpools first dock to the present day.Explaining the meaning of Liverpool ,its street names such as the Gorree, with pictures to illustrate from a fishing village to the Empires greatest Port

History & Prehistory

The impact of America on the growth of Liverpool . How American History is interwoven with Liverpool from Slavery and King Cotton to to the effect of the American civil war.Why do American film producers come her e to film the streets of new York or Chicago. Why was world history created here with the Alabama Claims and its exciting outcome

Walking Tours

Walking tours around Liverpool, Port sunlight, Chester and Muck and Medicine, the role of women in Liverpool History,The impact of America on Liverpool. A bespoke tour to suit your needs or perhaps a visit to some old famous Liverpool pubs and the story behind

Maritime Britain

The story of Liverpool and Slavery and the growth of the port through its privateering exercises or should I say Piracy!!!!At one time the shipping capital of the world with such famous names as Cunard,White Star ,Bibby, Harrison,Blue Funnel and so many more


Liverpool had the worst life expectancy in Britain ,worse than London ,but it had many medical firsts,such as the first medical health officer and many firsts in the treatment of Malaria , the introduction of Xrays and much more, join me on a walking tour

History & Prehistory

The role of women in Liverpools past or perhaps Mothers of the city ,Kitty Wilkinson,Agnes Jones
Josephine Butler, Anne Clough , Eleanor Rathbone ,Bessie Bradock, their inportance not only to Liverpool but to the national stage


The importance of education by iconic women such as Eleanor Rathbone , Anne Clough ,Josephine Butler, Bessie Bradock and Patricia Woodlock and many more


Liverpool has over 2500 grade listed buildings ,28 of which are grade one listed . Come on a walking tour with me to see these magnificent buildings and marvel at the Georgian architecture


Chester has been described by American travellers as the fifth best looking town in Europe . Come with me on a guided walk of the city where i Can show you buildings from the 13th century to the present day . Such an eclectic mix

Castles & Palaces

If you staying in Liverpool , why not let me take you by car hire to the magnificent, majestic castles of King Edward built from 1282 to the early years of the 13th century

Art/Paintings & Sculpture

A visit to the Lady Lever Art Gallery .A gallery that was the the eclectic collection of one Man William Lever . His world famous Jasper wedgewood collection ,Perhaps the best English furniture of the 18th Century. Paintings from Romney,Reynolds,Etty,Turner.
A magnificent collection of preraphalites
Sculptures to behold


The American connection with Liverpool has to be told . From the Slave trade to King Cotton to the American Civil War to World War One and World War Two. See the American names ,places, American Beaux Arts architecture and listen to the stories of intrigue

Art/Paintings & Sculpture

A tour of the Walker Art Gallery is a must for all art lovers . Paintings from Martini , to paintings attributed to Holbein, Preraphallites to the modern day Lowry and so much more because it is said that the Walker art Gallery is the best gallery outside of London and its free to enter

Regional Tours

Chester is so pleasing to the eye with its eclectic and unique architecture ,starting with its famous Roman walls , ampitheatre to 13th century shopping fronts , to the famous "Rows".the magnificent cathedral with its Norman and Gothic buildings

Regional Tours

Sunlight soap,William Lever , Port sunlight village ,Thornton Hough
hear how William Lever turned an infant soap making business into one of the world greatest industries .Hear about his views on how he wanted to share his prosperity with his workforce bu building a village It is said today that a third of the worlds population will use daily a Unilever product


Birkenhead Park, designed by Paxton and initiated by Kemp. The inspiration to Frederick Law Olmsteds Central Park New York. Take a stroll around this grade 1listed landscape . A masterpiece in design

Additional Qualifications:

BA History and Geography, WSET advanced, Mediator

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