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Originally from New York, I have lived in London for the last 30 years and I am delighted to be an ambassador for this remarkable city. I would love to show you the magic and mystery of this city I have chosen to call home. Whether you are a seasoned traveller, a first-time visitor, or a native Londoner, there are endless wonders of London to be discovered. Join me on visits to one of our 4 UNESCO World Heritage sites, royal palaces, world-renowned art galleries and international collections, expansive parks and bustling markets and marketplaces.
I also offer tours to historic and exciting destinations beyond London, such as Windsor, Canterbury, Stratford-upon-Avon and Bath. My tours combine knowledge, enthusiasm, and a genuine passion for London specifically, and history in general - join me to reveal the history, and the stories, of London and beyond, on a tour that will surprise and inspire you. Contact me for a bespoke tour.

"Jennifer led my family group of four on an unforgettable tour of Westminster Abbey and the National Gallery. There was excellent communication prior to the tour, from which Jennifer produced an experience uniquely suited to my family’s interests and enthusiasms. She had an encyclopedic knowledge of the history, traditions, and stories of Westminster Abbey, imparting them with a warmth and friendliness that made it feel like we were being hosted by an old family friend. After a quick break for caffeinated beverages and sweets, we moved on to the National Gallery, where Jennifer again exhibited an impressive breadth and depth of knowledge. The afternoon was a highlight of our London holiday, a truly extraordinary experience." - Claire, S., New York

"Jennifer put together a tour of "Legal London " for our group. Intelligently organized so that a narrative emerged from the streets and hidden places she showed us, Jennifer is a great storyteller, drawing together multiple threads and introducing colourful personalities from the past. Jennifer is well researched, calm and flexible: our tour with her was hugely enjoyable and I will book her again for other tours in London." - Camilla M., London

"Jennifer is the most amazing guide - informative, interesting and fun to be with. We had a lovely day with her in Canterbury and, although I had been there several times before, I came away with a lot more knowledge and renewed enthusiasm. I cannot recommend her highly enough." - Alison D., London

"We had a great tour at Tower of London, London Bridge and Westminster Abbey with Jennifer's professional guide. It was our first trip to UK with my teenager daughter so we wish that she can learn as much as she could about UK's history , culture ... luckily we got Jennifer as our guide, Jennifer is very professional, good time management, very knowledgeable and very patience and very respectful, helpful, we had such an amazing visit for above places and my daughter likes Jennifer so much and my daughter learnt a lot from her as well ... we also had a great English lunch with Jennifer's recommendation , it was very impressive. We were so blessed to have Jennifer to be our guide during the trip, she is highly recommended !" - Kenn M., St Louis

"Jennifer’s knowledge of the royal families who lived in Kensington Palace was fantastic. She shared with us a wealth of information and we had a really wonderful time. Jennifer has a lovely personality and is very easy going. We would absolutely recommend a tour with Jennifer." - Rees P., San Antonio

"My experience being in London for the first time was enhanced dramatically by the knowledge of Jennifer. We started at the Roman Wall, or the beginning of London and both physically and with oration journeyed to the Present Day. The walks through back alleys is something I could never have experienced without the knowledge of our fantastic professional guide. I highly recommend taking this service whether it’s your first visit or if you have lived here a lifetime. So much to be learned." - Artie A, New York

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Art, Architecture, Galleries, History, Walking Tours, Theatre, Royalty, Churches and Cathedrals, Castles and Palaces, International links, Museums

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