James Haines

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James is a guide with a background in teaching and performance. He has been working in travel and tourism for over ten years and has escorted people all over the UK and continental Europe. He encourages participants to make discoveries while having fun at the same time.

Having lived in a variety of cities; London, Paris, Madrid, Brighton, Barcelona, Amsterdam, Aberystwyth, Oxford and Seville, he appreciates all that London has to offer and the value that a good guide brings to a travel experience.

He relishes the opportunity to take visitors to historic sites such as the Tower of London or Westminster Abbey. Being a keen hiker, he also enjoys putting his foot forward with visitors to explore the streets on topics such as Shakespeare’s London, Royal London or Roman London.

James graduated in American studies and theatre at the University of Wales. Before becoming a guide he was also a qualified English teacher and presenter, touring Europe with workshops to make complex historical and cultural concepts more accessible to students. Themes such as the medieval concept of the universe or Britain’s relationship to Europe were examined in ways that involved and motivated the audience. He has also worked for institutions such as The British Council, Durham University and Leicester University.

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