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For Adventures Great or Small.....!
Landscape, Literature and historical.....
in the English Lakes, the Borders and all other places of beauty....

As an experienced and skilful driver guide, it is my great privilege to be able to journey to all corners of Cumbria and beyond to showcase the very best of what Cumbria has to offer. Or alternatively to provide assistance to fulfil a journey of discovery in pursuit of your thematic interests, to any corner of the region .

Special Interests:

Walking Tours

Cumbria enjoys the very best scenic walks in the country. Be it a gentle lakeshore ramble, an iconic Lakeland village stroll, or something a little - or a lot - more adventurous amongst the hills.
With 16 lakes, extensive ancient woodland and over 200 fells to choose from, there are walks to suit all ages, abilities and interests.


As an accomplished photographer myself, I understand that a truly wonderful image is achieved with that perfect combination of light, composition and perspective – by being in the right place at the right time! In the Lake District this means knowing precise locations where those fleeting fusions of season, time and weather, creates amazing images of our awe inspiring landscape.

Churches & Cathedrals

Cumbria is heaven blessed with a richness of beautiful country churches and chapels - some dating back to Anglo-Saxon times. And the jewel in this charismatic congregation....? ~ one of the very few churches designed by a woman...


From the UNESCO World Heritage Site of the Roman Wall, to Norman Castles, Civil War, Rebellions, Raiders and Reivers - into the industrial era of World and Cold war stories and museums - discover two millennia of military and industrial-military heritage.

History & Prehistory

The turbulent history of the Cumbrian Borderlands is as dramatic as the scenery in which it was made. There is an abundance of ancient stone circles, Roman forts, Viking remnants, border castles and historic houses, just waiting to be explored.


Of Cumbrian farming stock, my knowledge of the upland farming life has been gained the hard way - firsthand !

Industrial Heritage

The advantage of having a degree in Engineering, is that it lends fundamental understanding to Cumbria's industrial heritage - the reasons for it's rise, subsequent decline and the symbiology that made it happen.

Geography & Geology

The Cumbrian massif contains the oldest rocks in England, combined with the most diverse range of volcanic, metamorphic and sedimentary geology. It's exploitation is the bedrock (excuse pun) of our cultural heritage , our landscape and diverse vernacular architecture.

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