Gloria Marchena

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English, Spanish

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020-8992 3314, 07802-560208



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As a Blue Badge Guide, I work in English and Spanish and I love working in this fascinating City of London bursting with amazing history fortunately much of which still remains for us to bring to life. After many years in the Tourist Industry, it is my pleasure to be able "to take my guests by the hand" to unveil the many layers of facts, interesting and intriguing,

It has been my good fortune to travel extensively in Europe covering all aspects of learning about the way of life, the great characters and sights, and everything from the foods to the traditions of this fabulous city. Meeting the locals and taking part in activities that fascinate those who live here and certainly those who visit.

Probably, the most surprising fact is that having been founded over 2.000 years ago, and having suffered two World Wars, London has not only survived and thrived but now in 2023 has some of the most incredible new buildings and planning that could ever have been envisaged. This city now offers so, so, much to those who live here and all guests who may just want to slowly get to know this enthralling metropolis for the first time.

Personal Interests:

It is my priveledge to share this with our guests
Visitors are overwhelmed with the history and
pride with which we the British value our heritage
London is the most fascinating city in the world.

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