Frances Carroll

Regional Qualification(s):

London, Cumbria, North East, South East England



Phone Number(s):

020-7739-5256, 07768-105773

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Driver guide: tours tailored to meet your interests anywhere in UK or France. Dual nationality US/British. I have travelled extensively in Asia and Africa and lived in India for two years. Ran an entertainment charity for several years.

Personal Interests:

American Links
English Cathedrals
Stately Homes
London Walks
Hadrian's Wall
Durham Cathedral
C7 Christianity
Castles/Stately Homes
John Ruskin
Lakeland Poets
Stately Homes in Area
American Links
Bloomsbury Sites
Jane Austen
Stately Homes

Special Interests:

Churches & Cathedrals

Making Sense of Medieval Cathedrals: Specifically qualified for York Minster, Lincoln and Wells Cathedrals. Saints and their shrines

Conferences & Incentives

Tour and itinerary planning. Meet and greet

History & Prehistory

Everyone has heard of the very famous stone circles of Stonehenge and Avebury, but there are many more across England and Scotland. See the Viking and Saxon crosses in the North. Follow the Romans, especially in Bath and at Hadrian's Wall.

Industrial Heritage

In Northeast England


The Bloomsbury Group in London, Kent and Sussex; the Lakeland poets; the Brontes and Haworth, Shakespeare in Stratford and London

Maritime Britain

The Portsmouth Docks with Admiral Nelson's Victory and Henry VIII's Mary Rose, the Chatham Dockyards, Greenwich and its Naval Museum. The ex-Royal Yacht, Britannia, now open to the public in Edinburgh. The redevelopment of London's Docklands


Methodism in England. The Hindu Temple in Neasden. First century Christianity in England and Scotland


Following the life of Richard III across England; William the Conqueror in the UK and Normandy; Edward I and his castles in Wales

Stately Homes & Country Houses

With particular reference to the personal history of the family and how it fits into the history of England

Regional Tours

The Bloomsbury Group in Kent and Sussex; Country houses of Kent and Sussex; industrial history of Northumbria; the Celtic church in the North East; Poetry and social thought in the Lake District. The England of King Arthur


British Museum, York Minster, Lincoln Cathedral, Wells Cathedral, Docklands, Parliament, Salisbury Cathedral, Canterbury Cathedral, 2012 Venues

Driver Guide: