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I have lived in Kent on and off for 20+ years. Kent is one hour from London and one hour from France and our history is intertwined with both. I spend a lot of time in London and have qualified to guide in London as a Blue Badge guide. I also guide in certain spots in Kent due to my previous life.

Would you like to know London better? Let me show you the interesting and sometimes hidden parts of this amazing city. Even if you think you know a place, for example Westminster Abbey, you might like to see it through the eyes of a professional guide. To me Westminster Abbey is an attic of treasures waiting to be unearthed,

As well as the major sites in London I have a particular interest in Southwark, The City o f London, Roman London and The British Museum.

East Kent is a fascinating historical setting with history from the Bronze age, the Romans, Viking raiders and a coastline defended against all the wars in our history.

Christianity as we know it today started here, in Kent, in 597 when the Monk, Augustine, came to Canterbury. Canterbury is a UNESCO world Heritage site. The Cathedral is the most important church in the whole of England and the murder of Thomas Becket in the Cathedral led to Canterbury becoming a famous pilgrimage site. I am a qualified Cathedral guide..

Front Line Folkestone is a tour covering the history of this coast being in the front line of battles since Roman times. Dover Castle was the operational HQ for rescuing the soldiers off the beach in Dunkirk and the Battle of Britain raged above Kent giving it the nickname "Hellfire corner". Unusually I actually lived in Dover Castle for three years, in the Constable's Tower, so, if you wish to have an insiders view of the military in this area I'd be delighted to do tours.

The London Blue Badge also qualifies me to guide in Bath, Salisbury, Stonehenge and Oxford in addition to the key London sites. I am also an accredited Windsor guide.

I specialise in walking tours so if you would like to be active and learn, please get in touch.

Personal Interests:

Walking tours, the Pilgrims Way
Canterbury, UNESCO World Heritage Site
Roman London a walking tour to see what lay 7 metres below us in Roman London
The Tower of London and the Royal Regiment of Fusiliers
Southwark and the seamier side of London
City of London
St Paul's
National Gallery
British Museum
Windsor Castle
Dover Castle
Front Line Folkestone
Westminster Abbey
Leeds Castle
To be a Pilgrim. Walk the North Downs Way and arrive at Canterbury Cathedral
The Cinque Ports
Greenwich Maritime Museum
Canterbury Cathedral
Medieval Sandwich
Wine tours

Special Interests:

Walking Tours

Active Tours - I specialise in walking tours both in London and Kent which focus on history and/or regeneration. Bespoke tours can be arranged for you or your guests.


"Granny Tours" - Tours designed for grandparents so that they in turn can take their own grandchildren and appear knowledgeable. For example:-
Eight objects you should know about in the British Museum (with a crib sheet to remind you!).

Regional Tours

Kent is the garden of England but it has also always been front line Britain. See how the wars over the centuries have shaped the landscape and economics of Kent.

Front Line Folkestone

London Areas in Depth

Roman Londinium, the space occupied by the City today is based on Roman London. Learn more on a walk in the City.

Castles & Palaces

Behind the Scenes in some famous places.
A "wife of" for many years I was privileged to live in the Constable's Tower, Dover Castle for three years and the Tower of London is our Regimental HQ. There are some interesting stories to be told about these well known sites and more.

Food & Drink

Vitticulture is now a major growth area in Kent and the local wines are gaining national recognition.
Visits to Vineyards with history and wine tasting can be arranged to suit you.


Virtual Tours, Canterbury Cathedral

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MITG, MBA, Teaching qualifications

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