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I have lived in Hertfordshire for a number of years, and am qualified to guide in St Albans, which is famous for its Roman town.

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Crime and Punishment
Ghosts and Folklore

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Castles & Palaces

Windsor Castle
I am qualified to guide in both Windsor and Eton and was a prize winner on the Windsor and Eton course (2015)

Walking Tours

St Albans and Roman Verulamium

Ghosts, Murders & Mysteries

St Albans is one of the most haunted towns in Britain. From ghostly ships, Roman soldiers to black monks a ghost walk in St Albans is always an atmospheric experience not to be forgotten. and if you listen carefully you might hear ghostly music in the Abbey


George Bernard Shaw


St Albans is unusual in that not just one but two battles were fought in its streets. Both were part of the Wars of the Roses. The centre of St Albans still preserves it medieval street pattern, so it is possible to walk the "battlefield" and be confident you are standing in the right spot.


Like many people I am interested in family history.
If this is your passion too, I can help you explore the area your family came from and shed light on the times they lived through. Together we can bring their stories to life.


Verulamium was the third largest Roman town in Britain. Part of the site is now the beautiful Verulamium park, while the museum houses many fine mosaics. It is also famous for its Roman wall paintings, which include graffiti scratched by a Roman child over a 1,000 years ago

Churches & Cathedrals

St Albans and Hertfordshire saw many of its sons and daughters emigrate to America. Most notable was Elizabeth, wife of Richard Warren one of the Pilgrim Fathers. I can help you find out more about the place your American ancestors sprang from.


Windsor Castle, Windsor & Eton

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