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Dominic Burris-North

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Winner of the Institute of Tourist Guiding's "Coach Guide of the Year 2016”

Hello, I’m Dominic and my passion is London, the global city which has something for everybody! Mind you, it’s a very big place, so my aim is to break it down and help you to make the very most of your time in the thriving metropolis.

I can guarantee that come rain or come shine, you and/or your guests will receive a warm welcome and a friendly smile from a local who is truly passionate about ensuring you have the best experience possible in London and the UK. My tours are designed to be informative, thought-provoking, entertaining and FUN!

As a Blue Badge guide, I can guide you at some of London’s most prestigious attractions….

Maybe you’d like to visit the mighty Tower of London, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and a real, living, breathing castle right in the centre of London!

Or…perhaps you’d like to go on a journey through the history of English and British monarchy with a personalised visit to wonderful Westminster Abbey, the Royal coronation church, the final resting place of numerous monarchs, literary figures, scientists and more and where Prince William married Catherine Middleton in 2011.

I can take you on an adventure around the world and reveal to you some of the marvels of the British Museum that tell the story of human civilisation.

…AND outside of London a whole range of beautiful and interesting places await you. See where Harry and Meghan exchanged vows in the chapel at Windsor Castle. Sense the mystery and enigma of Stonehenge or admire the scholars, soaring spires and architectural beauty of Oxford

The UK film and TV industry is enjoying a boom at the moment, with many iconic locations across London and beyond lending themselves as film locations to some of the most popular movies and shows of our time. In addition, many of the great epic fantasy stories have been inspired by English history and numerous buildings and places still tell these stories. So whether you're an avid fan of the Netflix drama The Crown, the wizarding world of Harry Potter, or the fantastical world of Game of Thrones, there's a story or film location for you.

I enjoy working with all sorts of people including families, students, special interest groups and corporate groups. Let me know what's on your wish list and I will work with you to create the most memorable experience of London and the UK, tailored for you.

I look forward to being your guide and helping you to get the best out of London!

Some client feedback:

"Dominic is a guide who is a great credit to Blue Badge Guides. We went on two guided walks with him - one focused on the Tower of London and another on London's role in the Transatlantic Slave Trade - and they were certainly eye-opening. He has a wealth of his knowledge at his fingertips which he is able to share according to the level of detail that you desire. His intimate knowledge of London, its places and its history is always delivered in a warm and engaging manner. Dominic is someone who guides out of a love of sharing his interests with his clients - he was so engrossed during the walks that we didn't realise we had gone over our time. He certainly goes above and beyond to accomodate his clients. Definitely will recommend a guided walk led by the wonderful Dominic; you certainly will be amazed." Private client, Singapore

"Thank you so much for an absolutely lovely, informative and delightful was all [my granddaughter] could talk about at lunch. She loved your stories and the information. She thought it was amazing. You are excellent with so many positive and engaging traits." Mary Ann, Illinois

"Dominic Burris-North, OUR London Blue Badge Tour Guide, is truly amazing!!!! Our tour was for the entire day and the entire day we received. Dominic’s knowledge of the places that our group visited, was so inspiring that we are all excited to delve a little deeper into what we thought we knew as we now have a craving for more. Thank “YOU” Dominic for taking care of my group (OLG’s) and sharing with us the wonderful history of London. Of course I wanted more, but time ran out… next time I visit, I look forward to “part two” of the history (both sides) of London with you!!" Cynthia, California

"I really want to thank you for a day that exceeded all my expectations and those of my family.  Your ability to take an interest in each family member fostered his/her interest in every place we visited and greatly enhanced our stay.  Your flexibility and ability to adjust on the go was very much appreciated.  It was a very special family time for us in London and you were a very big part of that.  My sincerest thanks." Maripat, USA

"We had Dominic for 2 days, to see Tower of London, London Eye and all the big sites and another day to Windsor Castle and Stonehenge and he was just amazing with our grandsons and he was so knowledgeable and a delight to be around".  Patty & Family, California

"You have been THE BEST, in capital letters, tourist guide I have had here in the UK. Thank you for your generosity in sharing part of your vast sound knowledge". Adrian, Argentina

"We came on your walk on Wednesday.  And although it was freezing I thought it was a "tour de force" and found it so interesting." Jacky, London

"A huge thanks for your contribution to last night's "Black London Means..." Symposium at Syracuse London. Many members of the audience have come by the office or sent messages this morning to share how much they enjoyed, and learned from, the evening. We are truly grateful for your time and willingness to share!" Becca, Syracuse University

"Dominic was an excellent guide. He really connected with our boys and the way he shared the details of stories about the tower was very compelling." Private client, New York City

"My granddaughter started out tired but actually gained energy and ended up with a new friend." David, Mississippi

"Thank you so much! I am definitely going to recommend you to anyone looking for a guide. My colleagues raved about this for the rest of the trip." Becca, Michigan

Everyone loved the tour.  It is not easy to keep a captive audience for almost 3 hours like that and you did a great job! Julian, Virginia 

"You were the best tour guide, thanks again!" Grace, Minnesota

Special Interests:

Walking Tours

London’s Slave Trade: The People, the Port & the Profit 

This thought provoking tour takes you through the streets and alleys of the City of London to uncover some of the forgotten history about the capital’s involvement in the Transatlantic Slave Trade and will invite you to reconsider the legacy of slavery and whether enough has been done or is being done to acknowledge it.

In June 2020 I was asked by BBC 4 Radio to share my views on problematic statues in London of people connected to Britain's slave trade. You can hear my interview here (The segment starts at 23:35):

In June 2020, I was featured in a Bloomberg article about the City of London's links to slavery:

In October 2020, I created a shortened, online Street View version of my tour for the Google Arts & Culture platform:

Past clients include:

Open House

The London Society


Syracuse University


London Areas in Depth


Some call it gentrification, others regeneration; the neighbourhood of Brixton in South London is a place that has undergone rapid transformation in the past couple of decades and has become a case study of urban change. On this walk, we'll explore some of the changes that are happening in Brixton, from a decrease in social housing to a shift in retail offerings and eateries. This is a part of London with a rich social history: find out about the area's origins as a major shopping destination, featuring London's first department store and the first retail thoroughfare to have electric street lighting - 'Electric Avenue' - immortalised in song by the reggae singer Eddy Grant. Brixton is a hub of the African-Caribbean community in Britain. Discover the history of the Windrush Generation, the people who moved from the Caribbean to Britain between the late 1940s and 1970 to help rebuild a city and country facing severe labour shortages after the ravages and destruction of World War 2. Finally, explore Brixton's history as a hotbed of activism, becoming a place that would lead the way in the fight for black, gay and women's rights and how in the 1980s, anger and resentment towards police brutality and racial discrimination led to a series of riots that left their mark on Brixton for many years.

Maritime Britain

The London Docklands: From Docks to Dollars

Discover the history of London's Docklands, first with a visit to the Museum of London Docklands, taking you back to a time of pirates and press gangs, sailors and sea shanties. The resonant atmosphere of this historic Grade I listed building is a great place to find out about the significance of trade and commerce in London's growth and development. Have a go operating the hoisting device known as a treadwheel crane (read: human hamster wheel), then experience the sights and smells of 'Sailortown', a meticulous recreation of the 19th century East London riverside. You'll also learn about the horrors of the Transatlantic Slave Trade in the truly sobering London, Sugar and Slavery gallery. Then step outside for a walk and be amazed by the story of this area's rapid transformation over the past thirty years; from the once thriving first port of the British empire to the international business and financial district known as Canary Wharf.

History & Prehistory

The Black Presence in Georgian

The Georgian era (1714-1837) was one of rapid change and growth for London. It saw the advent of the Industrial Revolution and exponential growth in colonial trade, including the slave trade. It was an age of public executions, riot and gin addiction. It was the London of Jane Austen, Isaac Newton and William Hogarth. It was also the London of Bill Richmond, Mary Prince and Dido Belle: these are just some of the names of the thousands of Black people who were part and parcel of everyday life in the chaotic and changing world of Georgian London. This tour explores the lives of the Black Georgians; from freedom fighters and veterans to writers, boxers, musicians, an actor and an aristocrat. We’ll trace their steps in the British capital, discovering the achievements and contributions they made despite their encounters with racial prejudice. This tour aims to tell a more complete version of Georgian London than the ones you’ll read about in standard guides; revealing stories about the marginalised, overlooked and sometimes simply forgotten.

In October 2019 I was invited to speak with students and guests of Syracuse London on the subject of Black British history and my experiences of working in the Tourism industry as a person of colour. More information about the symposium can be found here:

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