Diana Small

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London, South East England



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I so enjoy London and love to guide here. Over the years I have guided many groups, be it families,schools or for corporate events and have travelled via chaufered cars to coaches. The trips could be walking tours from Legal London to A Diamond Jubilee Walk, Hampton Court Palace, or Tower of London. Out of town to Windsor, Stratford upon Avon. Bath the Cotswolds and others.

Personal Interests:

Lectures Subjects
Special Interest Tours
Museums & Galleries
Walking tours

Special Interests:

Lecture Subjects

Illustrated lectures on London


Tours of London Museums/Galleries and various city and town museums

Regional Tours

Specialist tours of Kent, Sussex and Essex - .

Walking Tours

Visits to homes e.g. Blenheim, Chartwell, Alnwick Castle and countryside tours


Parliament, British Museum, York Minster, Docklands, Somerset House, 2012 Venues

Additional Qualifications:

Dip Pers Man

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