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As well as being a Blue Badge Guide, I am one of the world famous London Black Cab drivers, you know us as cabbies. Whether you want to see London from the comfort of my black cab, on foot or from your coach let me be your guide.

Having spent 14 years working in one of Londons' most vibrant and successful industries as a Chef, I had the opportunity to work alongside some very inspirational people and the skills I learnt have enabled me to work all over Europe and even Australia. It is, however a young persons game and eventually I had to admit my days as a chef were numbered.

My overriding passion in life is travel. I have been fortunate enough to spend over a year in India, another in South America aswell as places as far afield as The Galapagos and Easter Islands - all on some very meagre budgets!

Born and raised in London, my love of this city knows no bounds and as much as I love to see the world, coming home to London is always special.

So, several years ago I embarked on the London Blue Badge course in order to turn my endless fascination with London into a career. Today I welcome visitors to London and it is a genuine pleasure for me to show you the very best of our great city's heritage.

For many, its a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and I make it a personal goal to make sure you leave with fond memories. To find out more about myself and my work as a blue badge guide visit my website on the link above or better still why not call me to discuss your visit.

Personal Interests:

Food , Drink & London Restaurant Scene
History , Architecture , World War 2 , The blitz
Politics , Royalty , Walking Tours of London,
Markets, Multicultural Diversity , Olympic Games

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London is a place that never stands still. This is reflected in it's many styles of architecture. The old, the very old and the brand new. Here in London this blend of styles is part of what makes it unique.

Food & Drink

As a former Chef of many years in London it is a subject close to my heart. Now that I do not spend 15 hours a day cooking I have more time for being at the table rather than the stove! Come with me to visit the Markets of London where top Chefs source their ingredients.

London Areas in Depth

London is a huge city with most districts having thier own individual "flavour". The best way to really get a feel for these areas is on foot. You will see and hear the rich history of a city dating back almost 2000 years.

Ethnic Britain

London has been ruled by Romans, Saxons, Vikings and following 1066 the French. London has ALWAYS been muliticultural. Todays mix is greater than ever and continues to enrich the city and its people.

Churches & Cathedrals

London is blessed with many famous landmark Churches and Cathedrals . St Pauls and Westminster Abbey are places I feel very priveliged to be able to share with you. I thoroughly enjoy bringing these iconic places to life to visitors.

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