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07767 498040, 0207 609 1685

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Tell him your needs, and he can create a specialist guiding programme for you. He recently arranged a surprise engagement in the middle of a tour of the British Museum for a US client.

Recent comments about David include -

“This tour had good information, a friendly and enthusiastic tour guide with a sense of humor, lovely sites in central London and it was fun. Would recommend” (Will P, US)

"David is an AMAZING tour guide!!” (Trevor, Canada)

“I'm not one for participating in organised events with people I don't know, so I was slightly dragged along to this guided walk by my more enthusiastic wife and daughter - it was just the three of us plus our guide, David. However, as soon as David approach us at the rendezvous, I had a good feeling and the next two hours were a pure delight. The tour was informal, but well-prepared and informative, …. I was sorry it had to come to an end and left David with a reignited faith in society and optimism for a better collective future” (Roy, Yorkshire)

“Very interesting tour, with many segues about life in London, the best pubs, the lives of artists, architecture, London's civic life and British politics. A great way to learn about the heart of London, as well as the English language's finest writer (George Orwell)” (Jon K)

“Brilliant day. We made a spur of the moment decision to go on the tour and we couldn't have been more pleasantly surprised! David is a fantastic, friendly guide and a true .. expert.”

“Interesting Walking Tour of London. David gave an informative, yet friendly tour of a number of Orwell's spots, along with paired readings by Orwell. In addition, he emailed us an article that directly related to my interest in Orwell. As a local politician, he also had a unique perspective on the UK political scene... (NbptUH, Newburyport, Massachusetts)

“Very informative- recommended! This was a very informative and enjoyable tour. David is a friendly and knowledgeable guide and along with the interesting information …. we learnt a lot about the areas of London we passed through. We also now have lots of ideas for further reading...(Rob, Inverness, Scotland)

"I did just want to follow up and tell you how much we enjoyed our day with David.  David was great, very knowledgeable, and willing to answer all our questions!  While we do wish we could have had better weather, we all loved our visit to Windsor Castle and Stonehenge and the day was a highlight of our trip." ( family of four, Georgia, USA) 

David is qualified to guide you around
• Westminster Abbey, the church where the British Kings and Queens have been crowned for a thousand years
• St Pauls – Prince Charles and Lady Diana married here, Winston Churchill, Nelson, the Duke of Wellington and Margaret Thatcher had funerals here
• The British Museum, the world’s largest collection, and the National Gallery for a tour of artists from Da Vinci to Van Gogh
• Walks around the 2000 year old City of London, from Roman settlement to Europe’s largest finance centre
• Windsor Castle – the home of the Queen, and the Tower of London home to the world’s finest Crown Jewels and 1000 years of torture, rebellion and execution of beautiful young queens
- Historic Oxford with its University, Jane Austen's Bath which still has a Roman bath, Canterbury, Stonehenge and Shakespeare's birthplace, Stratford on Avon

Though 100% Brit, and the outgoing Mayor of Islington the historic central London Borough where he lives with his family, David likes to think he can see Britain as outsiders would see it.

David produced, scripted, managed and Directed award-winning fact-based TV programmes for 20 years for the BBC, other UK TV channels, NBC and Discovery – and he became a guide to share the TV Producer’s eye for making our complicated world accessible and interesting. After TV, he spent many years working in Brussels for international organisations.

Tell him your needs, and he can create a specialist tour for YOU!

Special Interests:


I have done a variety of Dickens Tours for the US and for Brits (even during Covid - one is weekly with London Walks)


I do the only George Orwell Tour in London. It's been extremely popular with the public and the media for many years now


As a former TV Producer and Researcher, I am very used to researching from scratch. I have a family tree I assembled with my brother in the 70s (nothing posh) and have recently done the DNA test with Ancestry.com


I sold £3000 worth of British Antique silver from a suitcase in Canada when I was 17

Ethnic Britain

I am Anglo-Saxon/Caucasian myself, but I used to work in the Asian Unit of the BBC (and studied race and ethnicity at an academic level at Uni)


I am not a scientist, but I produced Science Programmes for the Open University (for the BBC), Discovery (the US Channel) and popular Science for ITV

Stately Homes & Country Houses

Though a London Guide, I am happy as a tour manager in Arundel, Chatsworth, Hever, Chartwell, Blenheim etc.

Business & Finance

I have worked in financial PR and I currently chair a Pension Fund

London Areas in Depth

I have been doing a regular walk around the City of London, and as a former Mayor of its neighbouring borough, Islington, I feel I know the area well


I worked for the BBC for many years, and before that on newspapers. Though I have worked for US TV Channels (Discovery, NBC etc) and for many European TV Channels ( liaison with different EU TV channels was my job when I worked in the audiovisual department of the European Union in Brussels and Strasbourg)

Politics & Government

I am a serving local councillor, and I have worked for one of the two major UK political parties and before that I worked for the European Parliament (before that I produced TV programmes on politics)


I gave a well-received talk on Spies in British Literature in June 2021

Politics & Government

I gave a well-received talk on Spies in British Literature in June 2021

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